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  1. Yes and no, they have added lots of stores that generate rubies, but its like Gameloft wasn't expecting them to make such a big impact, so now the rarest Characters are like worth around 30-40 bucks to make up for the fact you can almost save up and buy any character with just the stores, if you have a good amount of them.
  2. So far this campaign is very interesting. The Tantibus has come back, somehow, and this time it is attacking every Princess in Equestria! You can pick any group you want to help deal with it, I personally chose, what I have termed, "The Night Force Ponies" they are made up of every Night Time Themed Pony and Dragon. You could think of them as the Military of the Children of the Night I suppose. Anyway, the biggest reward you can win in this campaign is the Tantibus itself. You must hurry though, the Group Campaign is only going to be around for 5 more days. I will update this topic as more things progress in the Group Campaign.
  3. I just finished a big part of one of my MLP projects, tell me what do you all think?  The Stallion on the Right is one of my OCs.  He is Captain Blueberry Buckaroo.  The inspiration of this character and his personality is a mix between Roy Fokker form Robotech and Baron Munchhausen.   My series of short stories are all mostly from the series I made up for my group of stories in the MLP universe / multiverse.

    BlueberryBuckaroo and Luna semi final.png

  4. Sweet Apple Acres is under attack by Killer Apples.... Tomatoes? Their is also a limited time Quest to get the Tantibus!
  5. The MLP Halloween Campaign has begun, and they world is under attack by Killer Apples!!!

  6. I like to make special showcase videos for hard to get characters in the MLP Gameloft game. I just got Chrysalis, I hope you enjoy it, I feel it fits the Halloween theme of the month XD
  7. October has begun and to kick it off, I made a Queen Chrysalis montage video showing her off from the MLP Gameloft game.  XD   :orly:


  8. Man this story is awesome and terrible at the same time.  The Mane 7 are Defeated, TIA, Twilight, and Cadence are turned to stone,  Shinning Armor might be a pile of Shadow Crystals now, and the entire Crystal Army are Shadow Crystals now :( 


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    2. The Blueberry Writer

      The Blueberry Writer

      I hope Luna does something, she wasn't mentioned at all.:orly:

    3. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      Once again, Luna, a good character with so much potential, being ignored and put on the back burner. :dry:

    4. The Blueberry Writer

      The Blueberry Writer


      Alternatively they could be setting it up that Luna isn't around at all during important events because she secretly is still bad and helping those bad things happen.


      That would be a amazing twist.... but since she is so awesome that would feel like a kick to the stomach.

  9. With Halloween coming up, I would like to share my video with Delicious Halloween, treats, Dinners, drinks, and desserts I made.  One is Princess Luna themed.  I will be doing more this year.  If you want to know how to make something you liked, it is in the comments  :orly:   


    1. The Blueberry Writer

      The Blueberry Writer

      I accidentally put the wrong video in :lie:, I changed it, the Final one is the best one :orly:

    2. TheTaZe


      Oh hey, I'll take a look at this after dinner. Looking at the thumbnail it looks neat!

  10. I am done with the Mega Man 5 Wily's Dream Space series.  It was fun but brutal.  The Last Two Thumb nails are also pretty cool in my opinion.  I hope you all like them!  :mlp_yeehaa:



    1. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      That was actually funny, entertain, and interesting!

    2. The Blueberry Writer

      The Blueberry Writer

      @Sondash Studios Thank you so much!!!  I worked really hard on these, almost took all day with the 2nd one.

    3. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios


  11. Hi there, thank you for the follow! :fluttershy:

    1. The Blueberry Writer

      The Blueberry Writer

      You are welcome, i love Luna, Starlight, AJ, Dashie, Spike, Trixie, and I tend to follow people that have those characters as their favs XD

    2. TheTaZe


      That's great to hear! I hope you find my content to be somewhat interesting. :darling:

    3. The Blueberry Writer

      The Blueberry Writer

      I will have to look soon, XD  :mlp_yeehaa:

  12. A the new MLP Gameloft limited time campaign has started XD  


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    2. Rikifive


      It would be a really decent game if Gameloft wouldn't be that greedy and incompetent. :twi:

      Fun times though, it's been ages... :P 

    3. The Blueberry Writer

      The Blueberry Writer

      True, and what makes me sad is that the fans put way more effort into the MLP games than actual game companies, we could have had real, Mario, or Mega Man, or Final Fantasy style MLP games, and the fans would have loved it.

    4. Rikifive


      Yeah, fans tend to come up with much better games than legit companies who are supposed to have experience at this. Also sweet Celestia, not only these companies create poor, buggy games, they also ask for tons of money. Literally, you could buy many decent AAA games instead of some silly bonuses in a cheaply-made game, that doesn't even work properly. And this is supposed to be for little kids. :P 

      That Gameloft game isn't bad - but the way they handle it is quite annoying. :twi:

      There are many possibilities for good games - For example, Mario covers many genres (platformer, racing, RPG etc.) and it's all in a friendly environment - MLP could totally do the same; the whole adventure can be told in many ways, it leaves tons of potential. Even gameplay similar to Spyro (the original ones) would work.

      But not those silly mobile games, where prices are ridiculous... and it's never enough! :lostit: