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  1. I actually like it. It makes sense for him given that he was seemingly worried about his physical image. You know, looking himself in the mirror to "show off" his none existent muscles, day dreaming about himself like this totally Chad white Knight hero, thinking himself being a ladies man. So is not that ilogical for him to try to make some muscle and probably make it an habit. Also, going to friendship missions can probably give you some extra exercise and given that he's adolescent by that time we saw him in the finale it makes sense. Of course it gave me a huge surprise when I saw him but not only that, the voice is still his child voice. I don't really mind the body but it would have been more fitting for him to sound older, but I guess it was left that way so the voice actor could have their last episode and send-off too.
  2. Famous for what? If it's for something that I'm going to be mocked of for the rest of my life that wouldn't be cool. But if I get famous for something everyone feels proud of then sure. Maybe that way I could be successful in something finally. My life would be better being famous than what it is right now so I have not much to loose.
  3. Not in the classic "reign above the clouds with angels and shit" sense. If heaven exists, as in after death of sorts, then I think it's that very tiny frame of still consciousness when your brain is turning off for good and you have hallucinations because of the happy chemicals released by your body so you can let it happen. The brain then creates a happy ending. If you let it of course. And it can be whatever. So if it's true I would really like my brain to dream of equestria and going there as my heaven. Aside from that there's the conceptual heaven. The "heaven on Earth" thing. It could be those little moments when you feel so happy and fulfilled that it's like nothing could disrupt that moment and you feel connected to something higher than the things you can just see. Where you see beauty and wonder in everything just because it exists. That could be a form of heaven. Idk more than that. I secretly wished there were actual supernatural things beyond that though, just for the sake of it because that would be cool. But as a human I'm aware that that's just my human nature of having too much imagination and fear of ceasing to exist.
  4. It's not good but it was WAY worse. If you've seen the main character from the watamote anime you'll know what I'm talking about, although I wasn't as hopeful as her. Anyway, I'm a bit better now. Who would have known that what I needed was exactly what I was looking for, someone who actually was willing to help and understand and freely give what I was desperately looking for, some kind if affection. I still feel worthless, incapable, inadequate, ignorant, like garbage, but I at least try to forgive myself for being like that and accept it. If I'm that person well... I guess I'm not the successful one I used to envy in others but at least I'm not dead yet like I wanted. And in today's society there's a little bit understanding and ppl are willing to be a bit more patient with individuals like me so I can learn even if it hurts to acknowledge yourself as that guy no one wishes they would be.
  5. It depends. Sometimes just s few minutes, sometimes I just can't at all. What's constant it's the waking time which is always either 7:30 am exactly, or 3am
  6. I love moths so much! I'm actually growing two right now. They are those moths from jumping beans. Small, brown and cute. Hopefully they'll born by the end of January
  7. My father. I mean... Imagine a man child, that is too stubborn to change and be serious for anything for once, he is overweight but the problem is that he manipulates people into becoming fat and as miserable as him, to get them down to his level, he's kinda annoying to talk to because he doesn't wash his teeth so you can smell his breath at quite a distance. He speaks in questions all the time and expects you to answer, and answer positively because otherwise he feels offended and starts speaking to you in sarcasm. He has no problem to spend a lot of money on food or just garbage for him and others but is the kind of person that never has money and constantly tries to get mine when he knows I don't earn enough. He's also sexist, racist, and homophobic (saddly product of the nasty side of our culture). He's also alcoholic and lies like a child. Emotionally manipulative. Lazy. I'm tired already. But I feel like I can't say anything because he has never left us and has always provided for us. He loves us but... I wish I could just say his not really a good father and that he doesn't really love us because of everything else. But there's never culprits, just victims of the circumstances and the things that have happened around them, and I feel impotent about it. My rating: ------- And my mother. She could have been my grandma. Had me very late in her life, so she's kinda old, and the fact that we are living in such a different state of our lives as a family and that she surrounds herself with things from her own era and even before makes communication difficult. She's a feminist matriarch, that sounds fun doesn't it? Wants to do the things fast and ready at any time she demands, very old school like every time she wants to say something she calls for family reunion and makes everyone discuss for at least an hour, she demands (demanded, that has changed a bit) that everyone eats at the table at the same time, demands to decorate the entire house according to the holidays but we have to do it and enjoy it, "do it, and smile!". She demands affection, like, forcefully just kisses and hugs you and commands you to do the same and better, if you don't comply she gets MAD, to the point of starting to insult and then she cries and tries to blame her problems on you. She also has an actual condition that makes her incredibly jelous and distrustful of both men and women, so she kinda started to cut relationships with our family and I suffered from it because I didn't really knew my cousins or uncles and aunts. She's a bit paranoid so she distrust us, there's only enemies around her. She's incredibly selfish. Narcissistic I would say. She "never does anything wrong, it's the others", she's "always right", even if the truth is hitting her in the face she won't budge because of her pride. She's very dismissive and her language of preference is sarcasm, she yells a lot and insults. But like my father, I feel like I can't say anything because she's always provided for us and she give us gifts and repents herself when she suddenly has a change of heart. I know she's not a bad person as in she believes she's doing it for good, and that she just wants to be loved but... I wish I could just say she's not a good mother, or a very good person in general either regardless. Like my father, that the good on them doesn't justify all of what they do and cleanses them from it, aside from everything that doesn't relate to the theme of annoying like past abuse and abandonement and other things. But we live in a culture were that's enough and in return we should feel thankful for what the good that they do, no matter how small, since it's in us to take that and make it better. That we need to understand and help them... either that or name them toxic and abandon them as well, like normal people do. And I feel impotent about it because both are true. Powerless, and unjustified to call them out as well as if I don't. I feel bound to be good and better, but I just wish I wasn't. I wish I could act upon it. But I can't because that's bad I guess. My rating: |̯̳̼̱̈ͦ̄͒×̡͙͑ͤ́̐-̖͙̝̺̺̬̩̽ͮ͘,͇̺͇̰̖͂ͭ̈͊™̛̭̜̻͚̘͋̓ͨ͆ͬ̂ͪ,̘̣̗̗̭̀.̞̄̔-̠̺̩͓̥̳̄̌͆'̭͚͈̠̺ͭ̄ͦͬ̈́,̷͔̳͔̠̤̥̇̽̊ͮ͆̌̇̽̊ͮ͆̌ͅ
  8. I've never been to Spain. I've never actually met someone from there either. I don't follow YouTubers from there or anything. So I wouldn't know what to say at the moment. As a Mexican I've just heard the stories from the spanish conquest. See the statues and leftovers along with the consequences. A lot of ppl are still mad about it even 500 years later even though they don't say much except in certain circumstances.
  9. About the "it's not inappropriate because they are in hell" type of discussion, the setting is quite convenient, to be fair, to make big controversial statements without any consequence. It would be almost too easy to try to justify things in the same way other people do by saying "it's just a prank bro" because they are all playing. I just wonder what are the moral boundaries of each side, I kinda want to see if this is hell where our protagonists live, what is heaven like and what will the characters need to change to get into heaven since in Charlie's song about the hotel she mentions types of people that because of what they are are now in hell and that's why they need the hotel and in her examples she mentions "sexual deviants", meaning that that is not acceptable and thus they are in hell now. I wonder then what are heaven's standards. Morality is a delicate subject. I doubt viz recognizes it since all her work revolves primarily on pure aesthetic and convenience to try to justify her work, current or previous. Also, I would despise the sudden explosion of people that think that being a shitty person is a personality type.
  10. the face of the first one, with the hair of the second one but like it didn't really turned out exactly like you expected and it looks a bit more like the third one but it also doesn't really fit you so the result is the amalgamation bellow.
  11. Either a better version of my own voice or the voice I most recently heard. Or I just imagine a voice from the memory library that could fit the character "talking".
  12. I'm asexual and aromantic, so I just don't care when we are having a good time as a platonic sexfree relationship. in fact, I prefer sex and romance not to be a part of it. If I get into a relationship where the other is sexual I'll allow it but I'll need my sexfree time too from time to time because I care about the mental and physical health of my significant other so sure, I can stand hearing you talk for hours about something I don't like because I know that you like it, I can stand having sex with them because I know that it makes them happy, but I would probably end a relationship if it gets to a point where it becomes an everyday hassle where I can't really have space for my own desires to not doing it either so we can do other things like going somewhere for dinner or playing videogames or actually watching a movie without feeling that I must kiss you right before it starts and ends because otherwise you'll feel undesired (well I say every day but it can get too overwhelming if I expect it to be a constant).
  13. Any that would kill me instantly. But here's very difficult to own a gun, it's illegal if you are not a cop.
  14. Yes, several times and totally on purpose even to this day. I got the idea from my mother. I don't remember how old I was but I was small, and we were on Walmart or Carrefour in the toy section and I liked this little plushie of a lion that was part of like a papa lion and it's cub but the cub was supposed to be attached, it wasn't, it was just there. So she got the idea to just put it on her purse since it was small enough and we got out of the store and gave it to me. I was so impressed that from then on I of course thought "hey, that was easy and I got a free something". So i would test it with some stores like stealing candy or chocolates, then small toys in Walmart, plushies too. I didn't really do it for long because I was scared to be found out and send me to jail when I got older since they would just do that, so I occasionally do it now as a cooping mechanism for when I'm feeling too anxious and I don't have money to pay. I feel calmer when I buy something but sometimes I don't have money to buy and I need something new, anything to feel a bit calmer. So I steal it. Later I feel bad and give it away.
  15. Sigh... Yeah. I just got into the fandom too. I wished there were mlp conventions here like you have in the US. When I was like "age appropriate" I would go to anime and comic conventions and even dress up and such but I've always been terrible for socializing and I would just wander around aimlessly, and now that I'm older it's way more difficult to form friendships just like that, or even go to those conventions because I would basically look like that "hey fellow kids" meme. That's how it works here. I wished I could have form friendships with the fandom. I missed my opportunity again. I wished there were more people my age here that are fans too so we can reunite and have fun. Maybe that could have gotten me out of my mental problems and I would be in a better place.