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  1. well it's in sugar cube corner and it's pinkie pie the one doing the magic now and probably will become the main protagonist/force of plot drive because she's the one that sells the more toys and because it's probably the favorite one among Hasbro executives since she's all pink, she's funny, crazy, loud, and very child-like.
  2. I always liked the parasaurolophus. It looks like a giant prehistoric kangaroo/parrot for me. And it's herbivore. Looks very gentle.
  3. Between 6:30 am and 7:30 am. I don't need clock alarm and it's always at that hour, even when I don't have to. In fact if I went to sleep at 3am or 9pm or 5am I will always... ALWAYS wake up at around 7 and will not be able to go back to sleep again until the next night. It's a curse.
  4. I wear some running shoes with socks but they are so comfortable that I could consider them slippers. I kinda wish I could use socks though or be barefoot but there's too much dust around. Aside from that I use my pajamas half of the day and the other half I take a bath and just use regular clothing.
  5. I would say it's because humans evolutionaryly envy flying since the dawn of time. It's in the majority of people's veins. My changeling's ponisona ponisona is an earth pony though, because earth ponies are always secretly angry, bitter and full of everyone's shenanigans.
  6. Oh, is not that. It's just that a troll came by and posted something really not cool and I didn't knew there were active trolls here so I just thought it was legit and made me feel really bad.
  7. For me I would say that huracane Flutershy was the first one were I felt like I was almost looking into a mirror. I cry every time I see it because it hits hard to home and fluteshy lessons in general are the ones that I still need to work on to get where I want to be. The other one would be the one with zepher. It's the one I think I urgently needed to be reminded of and I want to be confident enough to finish my studies just like him at the end of the episode. Which episodes sounded more with you?
  8. I would say it would have been very popular, kinda at the same level of sailor moon or candycandy or things like that, mainly with the girl audience because show for girls otherwise you're a weirdo back then, of course the fanbase would be very different. There wouldn't be fan creations other than what you can do with your hands at the age of 7 to 10 and up to even 15, and only with the friends you can have in your school, family or neighborhood. No conventions, no reunions, except with the occasional themed party if you had that much money for it. No memes, no world wide friends, just local. One important factor is that if it was on air as it is it would have been severely censored, mostly regarding LGBT content, so no LyraBon or AppleDash, there wouldn't even be that knowledge regarding those themes in the general audience or would be heavily taboo. No fan feedback either so many episodes would have been very different or not existed at all. You wouldn't even know who participated in it other than your own curiosity to see the credits. Derpy would have stayed like that first censored appearance and maybe even double down on it making her the mean-spirited butt of the joke every now and then. No pony porn (which could be a blessing or a curse for some), or any kind of forum of discussion. If you missed the episode when it aired you will have to wait for the rerun or to be creative with the beta recorder (did it existed already for your house?) There wouldn't be any references to other shows like pinkie and the brain, lotr movies, dragon Ball, sailor moon, because either they don't exist yet, so no epic battles or creative references. And in other countries it would be double censored and mistranslated or have liberties to change the dub as they see fit, so maybe even making rainbowdash (or spirtfire, scootaloo, lightning dust) a full on boy and censoring the episodes where she is seen with a dress or cutting parts where she's being girly. arriving at your country from 2 to 5 years later than everyone else. In the case that it would magically just aired as it is with no changes I still think it would have been popular, but never as popular as today or in the same way. It would be just another of the many and a bit more controversial than the average. Idk what else, but that how I remember shows in general from that era. Oh and there wouldn't be purple in the title anywhere, it would be all pink. The toys would be so pink it would make sure to scare anyone that is not a little girl.
  9. I don't know. No one really has commented on my looks or my personality other than "you are too shy and quiet". But that happened long ago, maybe things have changed. Anyways, I would say I look welcoming at first and even pretty, with style, but the more you know me and realize that I'm not how I look like it starts to shift into a like a crazy person look, not crazy overthetop but crazy like "I can't understand you and that's unsettling" crazy. I know because people start to grimace at me or put on worry eyebrows without realizing they are doing so.
  10. Absolutely. It's paralysing. But I don't really have the bases to not be so it's justified.
  11. I would actually like to have the power my changeling's ponisona has as special talent, Void powers but to their full capacity. The ability to use the empty pockets of space to create portals and teleport, create black holes and vacuum spaces (non scientifically accurate ones because I don't want to destroy everything), have like a place in the void where I can just disappear to and have peace and quiet where time doesn't matter... and also use it as dimensional stash.
  12. Ehg... Whatever I guess. Looks like she's half crystal pony because of the hair gradient.