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  1. I would say is 2 out of 3. More like 3 out of 4 at the beginning of the series.
  2. swearing is to be insulting and hurtful. That's what those words were made for. Any other use is to make you look tough or cool or hip, or whatever. Therefore I don't use them, I don't say them in my everyday life, unless i intent to be insulting or if my intention is to actually hurt someone. And of course is more effective if you don't say them except for those occasions because you know I'm being serious. I like to listen other people curse/swear in english for fun or as comedy because to me it's just sounds without any actual connotation, even if I know the meaning. It's more like expressions or sounds of reactions. Sometimes I would curse on english online or to myself but never in my natal language (unless is for the above explanation).
  3. favorite form to shapeshift in? also what's your favorite color?
  4. pfft! those over analyser types. Who the f really likes them and their unnecessary theories that no one cares about. Besides they are always wrong and always finding ways to fit in whatever they like as if it's true or canon even if it's only a theory and actually not canon. How dare they have fun in their own way. Nah, the only ones I really hate is the ones that do this exact kind of commentary but seriously, seeking to make fun of other bronies or make them less because of what they like about the show.
  5. The entire Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts is as badly written and overrated as any of the Twilight book series and as badly written as Harry Potter after the first two books.
  6. I actually say "what the hay" on occasion, and Applejack's "what in tarnation" is contagious.
  7. Ponk She's just too random that it's impossible that she's not actually a changeling just messing with the others
  8. No joking. I actually legitimately like what they did with Sombra post revival in the show. He was one of my least favorites and skyrocketed to being my favorite villain. I like his lisp XD, I like that he sounds kinda gay and he's so flamboyant. I just love his redesign/rewritting.
  9. Hey there! Welcome to the forums
  10. It's actually not drawings, it's 3d models. There's no way or form to watermark them or protect them from total reproduction.
  11. conflicted. I'm not sure how much kindness is too much or too little. Should I give away my work to make one person's day and have my name get a better reputation as a good content creator having the probability that they will be careless one day and let others take advantage by copying my hard work for free because of rippers, or have the possibility of said person to actually be a scammer that will definitely just alter my work a bit so is not that obvious is mine and then resell it as theirs, Or should I just cut them out even if my reputation get's a hit because I didn't wanted to share and give my fans a little something for personal use because they love my work so much, totally not for other uses. .... I've had enough bad experiences that they probably justify the overprotection of my work but still... I can't get into the "give away your archives for exposure" method. :C
  12. of course! even if you could encounter many hardships and there's a high probability of being enslaved there's never anything really as terrible as real life. And also you can actually overcome whatever problem you have infront because it's magic and friendship and everything turns out right in the end. So yeah! sign me up!
  13. Everyone. Starlight is better than all of them combined. Fluttershy can stay tho.
  14. they are normally weird. It's weird because I usually dream about being with a lot of people, like sometimes a small group sometimes massive amounts of people, either I know them or not but i don't normally interact with them. and in really big spaces or buildings.