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    Fantasy, surrealism, videogames, not anime thought (I don't watch it anymore). Long live vaporwave.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

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      Thanks denim! :kindness:

  2. Zora mask. I really like the fish people. They mostly mind their own business and are generally passive conflict free with other races because of how fragile they actually are (and because they usually have monopoly over the potable water source of the entire kingdom). They are like the elves of Hyrule, they live super long, they like to learn things from the hylians, the swimming is super fun in majora, and when they are in an alternate universe they are super creative that they spend their days just having a good time and are technologically advanced. They are so cool. Otherwise I
  3. Ittoni

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I'm not welcomed here. Trans people are not welcomed here. If it's the last thing I can do I'll say Fuck you Jeric Fuck you Bakugou. Freedom of speech means nothing if you keep silencing and erasing literally deleting posts from existence that dare to say something the show is all for while promoting and allowing hate towards certain groups and allowing the tolerance of people that promote intolerance. You have your own real life Cozy Glows here folks
  4. "Is that her grinchsona?!" and "The grinch is not a fursona, he doesn't have a tail, therefore he's a werewolf" ... I'm watching the last Drawfee video and it was said as a joke to the start of a drawing in a challenge but I never thought that I would hear something like that, but even better that I would search it on google and find a couple of actual people that have grinchsonas It's the best. I feel like I need to create one
  5. I'm pretty sure you can hear this image I know is not the best of the best (it's actually really bad) but I have some feelings of nostalgia whenever I see this guys. and the kirby ones. So round. Also the first time I saw Zero Two I was so amazed by how different vibe it had compared to the candy colored characters and innocent enough world. It was scary at that time and awesome
  6. tirek can just absob his opponent's magic and abilities. He wins. Except against magical rainbow colored deus ex machinas
  7. I like the meaning but not the name itself. It's one of those names that people immediately assume everything about you and treat you differently just by how it sounds and because it's a famous person name.
  8. I've never tried a dessert pizza before. Not much for sweets but cinnamon apple sounds good
  9. Ittoni

    LGBT Chatroom

    Recently heard about Voidpunk. Is not a gender or a sexuality but a subculture around lgbt, specifically aro ace non-binary agender and trans. Also their aesthetic is neat. I've found my people
  10. Quite a lot of things that I've talked about already recently so I'm just going to add little things. I was deciding what colors my changeling should be and most of them are green or around that pallet for the general body color but then I saw the feelings forum and that one changeling implied that there's purple changelings. And that sold me out on making it purple immediate after since it's my favorite color.
  11. My native language is spanish but I usually think in english or mixed with it. That is because english is not a gendered language. If I'm thinking or speaking in spanish I usually try to think of non gendered synonyms for the gendered words.
  12. from Starlight's explanation I could think that it was a ban but one where your body can't trespass school grounds, kinda like an invisible forcefield but only affects you. So he could have got just pushed outside the school by the blast and couldn't enter. BUT, that looked a little bit more damaginng. So what I think really happened is that she disintegrated his body entirely... she killed him. But he's the spirit of chaoes he can't really be destroyed per se so that's why she wasn't that worried about it.
  13. Cozy is straight up evil and she knows it, and she knows no one will be willing to do anything to her because they literally can't harm her because she's a child, and also because of the heroes own moral code. That will only make her learn to be even more manipulative and more extreme. and Chrissi because she has convinced herself of her own lies and twisted logic that would only result in being the end of her. Sad indeed.
  14. Aside from pineapple pizza of course! No, really, I like pineapple pizza so much. What's your favorite?
  15. Ittoni

    Gaming Anypony here a fan of FNaF?

    Only up until certain point when it was still an easy to follow urban legend about a killer in a pizzeria. Later on it became so weird that it lost my interest. but I still like the aesthetic and the ambience of the games, just not the story. My favorite animatronic is the puppet, the older interpretation of it of course. And I LOVE security puppet's design.
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