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  1. Hi! :3 welcome ^^

    1. TwiSparkle97


      Thank you :pinkie:

    2. twilight24


      Wrong emoji! :)  yup 

  2. It's ok, I do too. I don't actually have any friends irl because I'm only good at talking online.
  3. Thank you! I'm trying to force myself to be more social because I'm shy, which is another reason why I joined lol.
  4. Thank you very much for the follow, Twi~! :catface:

    1. TwiSparkle97


      No problem! :proud:

  5. Thank you! How do I post content to change my rank? What do I post?
  6. I'm good, just browsing the site so I can learn how everything works.
  7. Cool, just wasn't sure because I felt like I wasn't allowed to talk about it before lol.
  8. Hello! Not sure how I should introduce myself, but someone said I should post here. My real name is Taylor but you can also call me Twi or Sparkle. Just looking for new friends and a nicer environment to talk about ponies (4chan is really bitter and annoying sometimes). Also is Equestria Girls allowed on here or is it just ponies? Sorry if I'm asking obvious questions. ^^; And how do you change your rank? Thanks in advance, everything is confusing right now.
  9. Thanks for the follow ^^

    1. TwiSparkle97


      No problem! ^:)

  10. Hi, just wanted to say I like your icon! I actually drew it a couple years ago (I've improved a lot since then I think. I had a better version but I don't have it saved anymore...), glad you liked it though! :adorkable:

  11. Just joined, still trying to figure everything out. :adorkable:

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    2. TwiSparkle97


      Thank you, I'll probably spend more time here tomorrow so I can learn where everything is. :o

    3. Wannabrony


      Welcome! ^_^ And as Recherche said, you should type out a short introduction in the Welcoming Plaza. Over there, everyone here on the forums can have a chance to greet you. :twi: I hope you enjoy your time here! :P

    4. TwiSparkle97


      Thank you, I'll do that tomorrow when I get the chance. :)