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  1. I miss having you around :please:

  2. Who said that? we gotta find this pony and snuggle him a lot. To hate an episode like that he must be out of love
  3. u can start by buying it and playing lulz! (jk. but there is anime as well) and im currently playing it. Btw i didnt know the difference, i guess i was calling my pony a Oc wrongly, when it should be ponysona. Ponysona is way cooler tho! i can imagine the dude screaming "Ponysona" instead of "persona" now. (the silly thing is that a persona could be a pony )
  4. ponysona? is that from persona? there is a game called persona btw
  5. oh ok, is the word endure there missplaced? also next question. What are those things that you have seen?
  6. do you... endure grimdark stuff? (idk i got no idea)
  7. go to doc if i try on myself i would likely die would you rather be a pony or be a human?
  8. its very tiny room and its always messy, i hate to clean it i only do it cuz my dad forces me to. There is nothing much to say about my room
  9. what other weird things? also am i the only one that still do it ?
  10. @Muffinnz had to eat blindfolded? gosh i wouldn't trust that who knows what gross things they could have done, idk they could even put sand on a spoon and you would eat it eww. How did u survive that?
  11. i actually eat things that fall on the ground totally not caring for that. I do put lots of things full of bacteria in my mouth maybe i should stop
  12. I do that all the time and once a pen blow up on my mouth making it full of ink, in the middle of the class. It wasnt funny at the moment but now it is
  13. no one that would be something really tragic, they just might get a bit sad or something, and yeah my irl friends wouldnt really want to go to equestria and recruiting by internet seems like the most efficient way, ofc i would chose only specific peps to share those secret infos. or i could just hop alone xD idc if i would be egoist
  14. they would start to spread friendship with us, but would miserably fail when the government discovers and restricts the portal area, making test on ponies to discover how they work, cant forget that they would invade equestria and extract every resources they have