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  1. Morning morning  everybody how are you doing?  ^^  (trying to.be more active don't mind me XD)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Outnick


      I'm happy on my relationship ^^ thanks @Luna's Admirer!

    3. Tacodidra


      Good morning, my friend! :D I'm glad you're doing fine – and also happy to see you posting more! :yay:

    4. Outnick


      Thanks @Tacodidrait's been a long time ><

  2. Thanks for the follow back ^^

  3. Hello! I have been away for some time ops.

    Well just a question, was there any Starlight or trixie banner while I was absent?

    I have been in love for some special pony so that is my explanation here from the forums





    (Pssst it's @Iam)


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    2. Outnick


      Well there is that trixie reaction and even though it says "sad" I still find cute and like to use it XDD 

      And thanks @Lord Valtasar! ^^

    3. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear that, my friend! :D Congratulations! :yay:

      As for Princess Trixie...



      Isn't she simply amazing? :pinkie:


    4. Outnick


      @Tacodidra Oooooohhhh gorgeous beautiful and amazing :3

      trixie alicorn <3 

  4. Ok so i think i should explain this motto since for some reason i didn't xD 

    Yesterday my dad was talking to me, and said "dream big" at some point, referring that i should have a great future. But i was like no, i don't want to, i just wish to be happy and do what i want, and there is nothing wrong on it. 

    Normally our dreams aren't really far from us, we just create the idea that to be happy we got to accomplish something great in our life

    I'm still thinking on it xD 

    1. Tacodidra


      It really depends on the person, to be honest... Of course, accomplishments aren't everything, but I definitely wouldn't say it's wrong for someone to focus on trying to achieve something great. One shouldn't do it at all costs but still. :P

  5. Ok i changed my personal motto. I didn't know what exactly to put in there. This one is probably fine xD

    But i'm not saying you shouldn't do what you want, but maybe your current dream isn't really  what you want. 

    If anyone want to discuss about it feel free to talk to me at PM

    1. Tacodidra


      I think that's actually quite a good motto. :) While dreams can drive a person forward, an unattainable dream can only lead to disappointment in the end. It's better to start small, and if those dreams come true, maybe start dreaming of more complex things. Though I can say from personal experience that it's way too easy to dream of things that are very unlikely and hard to achieve. :please:

      So yeah, I guess you can say it got me thinking! :adorkable:

  6. Outnick

    T.P.A.M. (The Pony After Me...)

    Probably not but we never know! But that depends on my laziness that is pretty high TPAM wish to have a better life
  7. yeah if they don't wake me up gamer?
  8. i don't read much, yet. bath-singer?
  9. nah i always like new stuff in my life! smart?
  10. Ok so i just learned something new xD

    I wad here philosophizing (i guess that is correct) and i had a interesting idea, so i decided to do something i never did. That would be write it. And i was like ok, but when i tried to do it, i discovered that my ideas, which seemed clear to me, was kinda incomplete when i tried to write it down. So i guess i will try to write it more often and organize my ideas xD

    That was it


    1. Tacodidra


      Writing down ideas is always a good thing to do! You're less likely to forget them... and like you said, this makes it easier to spot the possible flaws. :adorkable:

    2. Outnick


      Yep that makes sense xD

  11. Hey! Thanks for the follow! :-D

  12. Outnick

    Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

    So should i hug starlight or fluttershy? Well who cares (hugs both)
  13. Outnick

    Is Pinkie Pie Mexican?

    Oooooh that makes more sense
  14. Outnick

    Is Pinkie Pie Mexican?

    Wait a minute. Wwaaait a minute. Applejack is a southern america pony?
  15. I stayed 1 more hour at school trying to learn how to play soccer with a friend xD (a Brazilian playing football how normal is this? :muffins:)

    And now it's 8 pm


    1. Tacodidra


      I hope you had fun playing! :yay:

      It's 2 AM here and I'll probably stay awake for many more hours... :derp:

    2. DivineGlow1000


      Nap time! Can Trixie and Starlight join you?

    3. Outnick


      @DivineLuna1000 i would love that :wub: my dream