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  1. Thank you! I go home tonight so the sketch will be done soon. I will message you with updates~
  2. A commission is when you pay an artist to make custom art for you. It can be of whatever you want (within the artist's terms of service). For example: Look over my commission sheet in the original post and if you are interested in getting a commission from me just use the last link to checkout 😊 pick the type of commission you want and when that is done send me a reference of your character. That's basically how it works.
  3. Hi sorry for tardiness I have been away on vacation. I can do the sketch! Just click the link on the original post that will take you you to the payment options and just choose the "Fullbody Sketch" option. After that I will get to work on your commission. Hello! I don't think it will look right if I change my YCH HOWEVER I can make you a custom mermaid version of your furry character~ Just pick what kind of commission you want from the original post and follow the link to checkout. Make sure to send me a reference of your character and any extra details you want to include (such as color of the mermaid tail etc) I will get started on your commission once I get confirmation of your payment 😊
  4. Yeah she's the Pegasus in your signature.
  5. I don't see why not, if you're ok with sharing that information! thank you for asking!
  6. bumping! this gal has run very low on funds thanks to bills. I am open for many slots! PM me if interested!
  7. Rosebuds

    name for my pony

    Glad you like it!
  8. Rosebuds

    How tall are you?

    5 foot tall. I am a short angry bean. fight me.
  9. "Swamped on the Job" because sweet celestia my store was so SLAMMED and OUR REGISTERS ALL WENT DOWN OUR LINES WERE INSANE. I could not get away for 30 seconds without someone walking into checkout. wheeze.
  10. Rosebuds

    General When do you start listening to Christmas music?

    I am guilty of starting listening to them in November. Though I mostly keep it to myself unless other people wanna join in the Christmas jam session. I am a cheeseball who likes Christmas fight me.
  11. Rosebuds

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Genius by LSD is an absolute bop and it's stuck EDIT: how could i forget a link to this
  12. thank you to @SparkleSan79 for making these her name is Rosebud and she's an artist and a traveler.
  13. Rosebuds

    name for my pony

    Star Bright Starry Dawn Dawn Treader (reference ;3)
  14. Rosebuds

    The Rose Arts

    hey look red head pone took an older sketch and digitalized/improved it! its cute imo
  15. Rosebuds

    Visual Art The Rose Arts Etc

    Neeeeeeeew art! Both of these were mostly for illustration practice but a good excuse to draw my gemsona. And Jasper because she's bae. An annoyed Moonstone portrait, ft FANGS This is a small scene i remade from my mini Steven Universe fanfic "Silent Treatment" on AO3. need to practice backgrounds.