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  1. Lotsa new art on the threads~

    More on the way woohoo!


  2. Rosebuds

    Visual Art The Rose Arts Etc

    A blue diamond I did ages ago for coloring practice and my completed animal crossing batch! these cuties will be available in a shop once I make more content and set up a shop! probs gonna do it on Redbubble or Society 6. gonna put them in a spoiler since the files are p big and i don't want to make the post super long In order: Crissy and Francine, Fauna, JulIan, Marina, Marshall, Merengue, and Stitches.
  3. Rosebuds

    The Rose Arts

    thank you lots! **** new art! here's a commission for @Rikuuuu a reference sheet of a half lion half pony. i loved drawing this character and figuring out her color palette! i have a shop linked in my signature! if you're interested in buying art just check out the thread~
  4. Finished commision! A one view reference sheet. I am open for more slots!
  5. Rosebuds

    Trigger the fanboys game!

    Dragon Ball Z sucks. The Avatar: the Last Airbender series is overrated. My Hero Academia is annoying as hell. Pewdiepie isn't funny. God doesn't exist. The Last Jedi was actually good. A female Doctor in Doctor Who is awesome and not some feminist conspiracy shut up. All your waifus are trash.
  6. Rosebuds

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Happy summer everyone! I know here where I live it's gonna be a moody one
  7. Hello, your highness. Let's hope for a lush and bountiful summer!

  8. Rosebuds

    Visual Art The Rose Arts Etc

    some more traditional art in my creepy cute style. they're all vent art of sorts.The last two are fairly recent, only one day apart. one is hidden by a spoiler bc it's kinda graphic (gore) so you have been warned! Titled: From the Inside Out Titled: Green Eyed Titled: Tired of Words
  9. Ooohhh man the thing is? I can't even define short stories. My supposed one shot fanfic ended up being over 12 pages long, no double spacing! I am just a sucker for detail and content. But it did end up being split into three chapters, so it would be considered a short story. I can try more short stories, I actually have an idea for another one :> I will definitely try that after I do my commission work.
  10. Bumping! Added slots, and a new YCH! It's merpony based wink wink nudge nudge
  11. Some would call me cold when I don't become emotionally invested in something I don't care about.
  12. Mentioning ghosts + your user name made me remember this. 80's nostalgia ftw!

  13. Rosebuds

    What Is Your Opinion on Occultism?

    Yes, this. I also find cases of hauntings and unexplained things absolutely fascinating. The stories people tell, which while some are sensationalized a lot probably hold some truth.
  14. Rosebuds

    What other hobbies does everypony have?

    Besides drawing, I also sing! I write song lyrics and soon I will dive into the musical aspect. I now learned to crochet and make fabric patches! Animal Crossing New Leaf is so amazing and fun glad to see someone else appreciate it!
  15. This response is well suited to your username All jokes aside, you're probably right about the procrastination part. I fortunately do have outlines for several chapters ahead of where I am now, so it's speeding things up. Just not fast enough to where I am constantly writing. I could try a dedicated writing session without other distractions.