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  1. Thank you! I go home tonight so the sketch will be done soon. I will message you with updates~
  2. A commission is when you pay an artist to make custom art for you. It can be of whatever you want (within the artist's terms of service). For example: Look over my commission sheet in the original post and if you are interested in getting a commission from me just use the last link to checkout 😊 pick the type of commission you want and when that is done send me a reference of your character. That's basically how it works.
  3. Hi sorry for tardiness I have been away on vacation. I can do the sketch! Just click the link on the original post that will take you you to the payment options and just choose the "Fullbody Sketch" option. After that I will get to work on your commission. Hello! I don't think it will look right if I change my YCH HOWEVER I can make you a custom mermaid version of your furry character~ Just pick what kind of commission you want from the original post and follow the link to checkout. Make sure to send me a reference of your character and any extra details you want to include (such as color of the mermaid tail etc) I will get started on your commission once I get confirmation of your payment 😊
  4. Rosebuds

    Request Shop Pony Sprites "R" Us!! (OPEN!)

    once again you don't disappoint these look great!
  5. Yeah she's the Pegasus in your signature.
  6. I don't see why not, if you're ok with sharing that information! thank you for asking!
  7. bumping! this gal has run very low on funds thanks to bills. I am open for many slots! PM me if interested!
  8. Rosebuds

    name for my pony

    Glad you like it!
  9. Rosebuds

    How tall are you?

    5 foot tall. I am a short angry bean. fight me.
  10. "Swamped on the Job" because sweet celestia my store was so SLAMMED and OUR REGISTERS ALL WENT DOWN OUR LINES WERE INSANE. I could not get away for 30 seconds without someone walking into checkout. wheeze.
  11. Rosebuds

    General When do you start listening to Christmas music?

    I am guilty of starting listening to them in November. Though I mostly keep it to myself unless other people wanna join in the Christmas jam session. I am a cheeseball who likes Christmas fight me.
  12. Rosebuds

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Genius by LSD is an absolute bop and it's stuck EDIT: how could i forget a link to this
  13. Rosebuds

    Request Shop Pony Sprites "R" Us!! (OPEN!)

    only if you're up for it, no rush. my Rosebud with the pegasus flight versions of the sprites? thank you!
  14. thank you to @SparkleSan79 for making these her name is Rosebud and she's an artist and a traveler.
  15. Rosebuds

    name for my pony

    Star Bright Starry Dawn Dawn Treader (reference ;3)