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  1. I owe you probably for life xD I've spent so much time looking for this one. Thank you very much! Awesome song by the way ^^ - Toon
  2. I have never listened to this song I was looking for, so I do not know if there are any lyrics other than some lines from Bon Bon's Lament according to the description on Edowaado's deviantart. I find it really sad that songs are disappearing from media; lots of Youtube links sent me to a broken video, some bandcamp channels were deleted along with the songs. But yeah, it's inevitable... I hope I could get the chance to listen it someday though. It seems that I will have to keep looking. Thanks for your effort, I really appreciate it =) - Toon
  3. Aww darn it! Why do they have to exterminate me in this way?!
  4. So there was some sort of sountrack made for the Edowaado's comic 'Doctor Whooves' by Quiet Water, but I can't find it so I need help. What would help is a link to the song or the name of the song. I've posted the description that goes with the deviantart post (excluding the youtube link) --- A lot of technical babble. No need to understand all of it. Everypony seem to have lost some memory though. What do you think is going on? So what's new? This lovely fellow by the youtube name, Quiet Water, has made a fan-soundtrack to my comic. At 6:20 there's e
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    Welcome =) Have some more brohoof!
  6. I used to refrain myself from liking content created by bronies, but the more I watched, the more I come to embrace this fandom. I really wasn't open-minded at all, haha ^^.
  7. I'm not really a musician but I would like to join if it's still open
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    Welcome to the forum =)
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