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  1. Hmm at my work right now, and work is calling for a more active pony at the moment.


    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Damn, that blows...

      Well, regardless, good luck with the rest of your shift, my dude~! :rarity:

  2. Assertive <3 edit: Ok we pressed enter at the same moment, this was going for @Totally Flutterstep And for you @Totally Nature Tune : Natural !
  3. You should play at my birthday party c: Awhile from now :c

  4. Oh i love you both my dear princesses of day and night.



  5. Why so grumpy Octi ?


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    2. WWolf


      *wonders if that will really worx :wacko: *

    3. Vinyl.Scratch


      *Eeee*, nope ! :P

      You know I love you Octavia, dont you ?

    4. WWolf


      “I suppose you do :U”

  6. That´s me myself and I, Vinyl Scratch *smirk*, even if I in theory can´t have myself as a Wifu or Husbando. Yes, my family DO know to their great dismay.
  7. Just love my socks.


    1. Rebel Brony 42

      Rebel Brony 42

      Is that an imperative?

    2. Vinyl.Scratch


      Nope, but socks are socks <3

  8. pounds ? Hmm think I need the net to help me out with that unit, it´s kind of out a space for me. But for sure I weight a little tiny less than Octavia *grins*
  9. Oh ! Over there ? I didn´t see it, thanks @Longhaul Let´s se what kind of wub a dub we find there then. (going for one more cider, hot today in here)
  10. What do I see ? A lounge with friends and good drinks ! Ok, grabs a cider and walks out to find a seat in the Lounge. BTW do we have some music here ?
  11. Hard to find time to be here, and oh well, I miss @Valencia and @Princess of Snow a lot *sob*

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    2. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Hey, don't worry; I've actually spoken to Vale recently, so in case you were concerned, they're doing well so far. :grin: It's unfortunate that they can't log in too often... but they're a pretty busy individual.

    3. Vinyl.Scratch


      @Twilight Sparkle is best Thanks !

      @The Recherche Busy like me then, life on the outside of the net is hard on us all. Thanks for letting me know Vale is ok. <3

    4. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      No problemo~! :grin: Don't worry; I'm sure she'll be back soon!

  12. Miss you and @Princess of Snow Hope all is ok with ya <3

  13. Well I would use my BASS CANNON of course ! Then angry looking Unicorn is blast away for a moment so I can gallop away.