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  1. My biggest pet peeve is bad grammar, written or spoken. Even the smallest mistakes — such as the objective use of the word "who" or no comma after a subordinate clause that precedes an independent clause — get on my nerves far too much. Another huge pet peeve of mine is when people say or imply that humans are not animals. The notion that humans are not animals is extremely ignorant and outdated, and there aren't any decent arguments to support it.
  2. Always gonna let you down! Discord is my least favourite villain.
  3. On school days, I usually wake up at about 8 AM. Otherwise, I wake up at about mid-day.
  4. Strengths: Physical strength Grammar Mathematics Quick thinking Organisation Weaknesses: Creative and descriptive writing Ugly Unattractive voice Shy Lateral thinking
  5. I once stole a glue stick from my school when I was in year four, lol.
  6. I have a phobia of insects, especially flying ones (e.g. flies, bees); moths, spiders and clusters of holes.