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About Me

I'm a gamer as well as a video game designer.  While I currently don't have any official releases yet, I am currently enrolled at Full Sail University.

As for MLP FIM, I had heard about the series for the longest time (Merchandise and all that) but never actually seen the show.  I had seem "Escape from Midnight Castle" As a kid but that was really it.  In 2015/6 I found the series on Netflix and since I was looking for a new show to watch, I decided to give it a shot.  I was instantly hooked.  I enjoyed the writing and the 'out of place individual who spent so much time by herself focusing on her own goals as she reaches to make friends' story series started out as.  After all, that was... and still is... me.  As I don't really have any IRL friends and the online friends that I have feel more like "People I occasionally chat with".  We may share a common interest but, like with Twilight, I feel so out of place just about anywhere I go.