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  1. Eh, honestly Since the focal point of the 'bad guy thing' was the 3 of them, I think it'd be odd if they did it that way... not without setting it up better for it. The windigo's being there felt more like a "Well, techincally this would of happened so better add it in there" than something they needed to overcome. Since really, they were 'defeated' by merely defeating the main 3 badies... and :/ there wasn't really a point where they were really 'stopped' by the windigoes either so :/
  2. I dunno. I didn't think that was a good conclusion to the CMC archs. and Admitedly, the Last Crusade, I do feel could of gone better imo... but like it felt like the 'final CMC focused episode'... not to mention it was in the final season... unlike the one you mentioned, thus they had room to add alot of the other CMC focused episodes.
  3. First of all, I'd like to say this was a great way to end the series. Alot of shows will end right after the 'climax' of the series, but having a 'after math' episode even with a nice lesson from it was done well. And it's nice to see the other ponies... older. Though, *sigh* seriously this is just so evil. Twilight grew to Celestia size?! o.O what are the rules! Do all alicorns do that or is it like some kind of Princess thing? (Growing to that size just comes with the job.) so just ugh... Aside for that, interesting things in the ponies' lives... like Pinkie and Cheeze getting together (though, was that hinted at or started with one of thsoe 8 epsiodes I missed?). Then, based on the dialog, were they saying Rainbow Dash and Applejack got together? Or am I reading into it? Then Rarity, hmm... well didn't seem much change there since didn't seem she was maried or anything and well still doing fashion :P. Though, makes me wonder, did I miss the 'climax' of Spike's crush on Rarity in that episode I missed? Figured they'd do something with that :/ Hmm... Anyways, then Fluttershy seems to be living with Discord based on what she said, yet some of the lines spoken sounds they're still just friends. Which is fine either way if you ask me just was curious. Either way, it was a nice after math episode and I really enjoyed it. Ofcourse, the book shutting at the end was a very nice touch. Almost makes me want to marathon the entire Series :3 But, I'll probably wait for Season 9 to come out on Netflix before I do (since ugh evil problems I had with Dish on Demand... plus I think it was missing 8 episodes cuz they weren't there :/ )
  4. I'll do this in parts. First thing is that, tbh I feel there was a bit of miss potential which I think would of been cool to have desperate stories on. The Wendigo's being one. Yeah I know we got their backstory but it would of been interesting to see the Mane 6 take on the Wendigo's separately. Then, I would of loved if they dived more deeper into the fact that 'Grogar' was secretively Discord and that Discord had been manipulating things behind the scenes to help out his friends (in his mind) by sending them challenges for them to overcome. Besides that, yeah it was a pretty good episode. A lot of things came to a head here and it was pretty intense. Very nice climax for the series. Though, tbh, I'm slightly disappointed that the 3 main villains were trapped in stone instead of 'turned good' but *shrug*. Guess that just makes the villain's that weren't turned in the end to 5 now. (Sombra and ... the villain in the movie being the other 2 )
  5. Sadly, had to give it a 'meh' because *sigh* stupid Dish on demand was being a jerk... instead of Downloading it so I could watch it later... it treated it like I was streaming it (all the episodes funny enough) and the buttons were being evil. as It wouldn't let me pause it to wait until it buffered (as yeah the 'buffer' *aka download thing* would reset each time) because unpausing it always jumped it forward to the point where it was buffered too... and trying to hit the 'back' either A) "Sorry you can't do that with this feature" (worked before and with Duck Tales...) or B ) it'd jump FORWARD instead of backwards... Anyways, so I missed some gaps, had to reset it a few times and just... ugh. But it was pretty good from what I seen but otherwise :/ victim of the EVIL Dish On Demand issue!
  6. It was ok, but hoenstly after the "Last Crusade" being kind of the wrap up for the CMC's, I feel this episode should of taken place before that one.
  7. It was ok and a good little wrap up for the Daring Do arch. Admittedly, I almost feel the ending on a joke felt a little... eh. And I was expecting there to be a bit more emphasis on Cavaleon... (however you spell it :/ ) 's scheme to use fluttershy (with 2 ts ) but yeah it wasn't bad.
  8. Well, first off, I gotta say... stupid no Dish for months.. and then stupid Dish on Demand for not showing me the other 8! episodes that I also missed... *sigh* seriously, I just watched the final episode and part of me wants to go back and watch those last 8 but with how it ended *sigh* I rather not... But anyways, this was a pretty good episode and I'm glad they went the route of picking a different Vice Headmare for the job instead of pulling a 'well, you messed up but really you're still good for the job" and just got Trixy another job that did fit her better... so yeah.
  9. The episode was pretty good and a nice "wrap up" for the CMC and their kind of story arc in the series. Granted, I feel there could have been a bit more to it but *shrug* Dunno why I've been thinking of that so often with these episodes. I do like the part at the end where the town does the 'CMC Appreciation' day thing. Though part of me thinks it should have been more an episode where the CMC split up because they don't think they're needed anymore... but then I think that was already an episode already. But still... would have been a bit more fun of a wrap-up. there was one other thing... With the Aunts. First was this the first time we've seen them? Honestly been long enough since I've marathoned the series that I can't remember. But, if so, are those two married? I mean, I don't think it's strange for siblings to live together, but then the Redhead said: "My brother" to the blue haired one. So it just makes me wonder. Also, I noticed that Scootaloo's mother has that "Long leg-itis" thing, which always makes me wonder if that's an 'age' thing or just like something that some ponies have.
  10. I enjoyed the episode and not because it featured my favorite Pony... Generic Student pony #15. He was so cool trying to get into Starlight's office to get his session... I mean... XD. Ok my favorite Pony's Starlight Anyways, some fun interactions at the beginning and I felt so bad for Generic Student pony #15. Admittedly, I kind of expected the ending to take a bit of a different turn. Well, more so when they were like after they got to the party and she was 'forced to leave'. Dunno where I would of sent it but *shrug*. However, I think it's funny. Starlight sends her and Silverstream's brother to the everfree forest via teleportation in order to look for Silverstream and she stops in front of the school? Seems more plot convenience imo... didn't even really need the other there... though Maud talking about her 'petrified' BF was great ... and moral of the story... Set office time hours for your students... I dunno, I didn't really fully get the vibe that Starlight wasn't enjoying what she was doing tbh... as most of her strain was keeping up with a promise she made to Trixy than her having an issue with student problems... granted a bit of it showed she was feeling the strain but it more seemed it was due to more 'irelevant/silly' topics than the strain itself so :/ I dunno.
  11. Well, I guess when I said "Super serious season long adventure" I guess I was more refering to like how there's a more 'serious tone' with the episodes that typically feature the larger bad guys. Howevere, while I know that's not how it'd be either, I dunno like I feel like we'd be seeing more episodes 'wraping things up' or a bit more "Hey there's a larger plot going on this season" amoungst the episodes. Like how in season... Eh I forget which... season 4? Where they had those episodes where they did the tasks and got rainbow's in their eyes or what not. (lead up to the Tirek encounter) or even the "Tree's map" episodes in later episodes. (What ever happened to that anyways? Like, seriously it just stopped sending them on quests for seemingly no reason :/ ) Either way, just not seeing a since of 'finale' in this season or what not. so *shrug*
  12. Made me think of Santa Claus and the Great Pumpkin combined. Though, I gotta say I was half expecting Granny and Goldie to be behind it. Maybe they were though But still. Either way a nice breath of fresh air from the episodes we've been getting recently so yay! Though is it just me but like, I guess I've been expecting a bit more out of these episodes, you know? Like, it IS the final season so I guess I'm expecting a bit more uh.. finale build up or something with them instead of your typical episode. Seriously, most of these so far just feel like they could be in any ol' season but yeah. Just something that's been bugging me as of late with the episodes. *shrug*. Granted, not like it HAS to be like a super serious season-long adventure... but like even a lot of the older ones had some episodes towards a bigger plot... and while I guess you could count the episodes featuring what the bad guys are up to but eh, just not the same.
  13. I know it's keeping with the theme... but the "vote" was a bit misleading :/ But... anyways. So let's see. I thought it was fine. I did call Garble being Smolder's brother though. And, the egg problem was interesting. I do like how they had small nods to the solution and other things without fully giving it away. Like how the one dragons were emptying out the lava lake and the laugh fire. Even liked Ember's blush when asked if all those eggs were hers.
  14. Ok, just seen the episode and... it was 'meh'. Like some things I could see was interesting but then it was the same concept that I'm pretty sure we've learned before. Even in the very last episode. Ok, slightly different but it was still "Be yourself". Which tbh, I feel they could have done a different message here. Like more of a 'blending of traditions' vs just a "Be yourself" type message. Granted there was a bit of that at the end but eh, it was still more about that 'be yourself' message. It almost feels like it's slightly saying it was wrong of Yona to learn those dances, which there was nothing wrong with that. Admittedly, the 'speech pattern' and 'super fancy dress' was a bit much, more so because literally none of the other ponies even worse a dress and wasn't Sandbar the only other one there that even wore anything extra? (Ok, Rarity did too but then again she's Rarity so her NOT wearing a dress to any kind of dance would be odd XD ). Though, while I think that particular dress didn't exactly match well with Yona, I don't think not wearing a dress at all would have been terrible (minus that fact she would have been the only one wearing one aside for Rarity ) Either way, I feel the episode could have benefited more about focusing more on 'blending' traditions. Granted they touched on it super lightly, but as I mentioned it was just another "If you don't be yourself, you'll make a fool of yourself" episodes. Perhaps the episode could have been the Young 6 were tasked with coming up with their own 'traditions' to try and add to the dance and Yona struggling with that. Perhaps she tries to find out more about the Pony traditions to figure out how to add "Yak Traditions" to the dance and her struggles comes with the 'destructive' capacity of their culture and maybe she's a bit afraid that ponies wouldn't appreciate that, or perhaps the Mane 6 try to help her reduce the 'destructive' side of the tradition which Yona gets the hang of (or whatnot). Then once the dance begins, they get to Yona's traditional dance but then she gets a bit too into it and thus causes the mess she made in the episode. She gets upset at that and runs away and all that. Sandbar goes to talk to her like he does (but with the adjusted dialog) and when she gets back like currently, the Ponies are eager to learn the 'new dance' which relieves Yona's fears (and all that). Admittedly, part of the episode was about the whole "Sandbar/Yona" thing and Yona thinking she needed to change to be the best "PonyPal" she could be. Which you can still add that into it. Perhaps towards the beginning when they're asked to bring their 'traditions' to the dance, Yona shows off her thing and perhaps one of the teachers catches it and offers to help her tone it down. or maybe her demonstration causes a mess of some kind and she sees the look in her friends' eyes or something and she begins to think she needs help with it or that Ponies wouldn't be ok with it or something like that. As in, she gets help with 'toning down' her Yak traditional Dance because she believes that other Ponies would not like it. Anyways, that's kind of how I would of like to see the episode have gone. Granted, there were a few fun little moments, like the Twilight wig But it was 'meh' and just a theme sort of over done (and techincally didn't they also do this same theme during one of the galloping galla episodes?) Side Note: Dang, I'm really glad the forums save responses in the quick editor thing. Dunno what happened but I was nearly done and suddenly the page refreshed. I was like "NO I don't want to have to type that all out again :O " . But, *whew* thank goodness for that feature. So super Kudos to the one(s) who added it My thoughts exactly!!
  15. I enjoyed this episode. Granted it was still your 'run of the mill' "Trying to be something their not and realizing they should just be themselves" type of plot but I feel they did a bit better job in this. I dunno, didn't feel as 'forced' as some kinds of episodes do. "Technically he had to buy her the book" XD Thanks for pointing that out for me Rainbow Dash XD
  16. Classic Twilighting! Making a bigger deal out of nothing Still, it was ok but felt more in the "eh" category for me. Season 9, the final season, see amazing episodes... Twilight returns a book. Granted, I could see it perhaps being an important lesson for her in the grand scheme of things but *shrug* guess we'll have to wait until then.
  17. Another enjoyable episode. Still, I expected Twilight to come up with a newer plan after the first one failed. But I did like the Spike Subterfuge, Pretty fun if you ask me As for the facial expression, I voted other, cuz still loved all the eye rolling Rainbow Dash did when having to 'distract' Zephyr XD
  18. This episode was alright. Annoyed that it didn't catch it and I had to watch it on "Dish On-Demand" which can suck with my net :/ Again, I still prefer the Mane 6 over the Student 6 but like I said it wasn't bad. Granted, I feel like it again reused some themes and felt a little short for me (and this coming from the one who had to take a break watching it because of the stupid loading DOD has :/ ) Wonder why they even have the tree show up in Twilight form... like any special reason or did the show owners just not want to draw a new pony or higher a new voice actor :P (not that one of the current ones could have done it.) Aside for that, disappointed we don't get to see inside of it. But maybe in the next episode. (which I'm watching immediately after :P
  19. Well dang, didn't expect King Sombra to get what he got. Pitty. Either way, it was a fun 2-parter. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next. Discord was also fun in this two-parter. I really love how he really believes in the Main 6 Then, you got the goat guy... wouldn't know if he's from an old MLP series/movie. But does make me wonder if it's shown that 'bell' he's looking for at some point in the series. Should be interesting. And of course, the princess's are waiting to make Twilight the ruler... a bit of a disappointment as I think it would have been fun to see a season of Twilight's reign before the series ends but based on this, yeah you can bet she won't become ruler until the final parter. Disappointing but *shrug* it happens.
  20. I'll admit that the first 3 seasons really had a kind of 'magic' that alot of the newer seasons don't have. I started in uh... 2017 or 2016 (forget which) and yeah it was enjoyable.. honestly, I feel that season 8 was a bit of a disappointment in some areas than most, but not entirely terrible. Granted, I do feel that they could of evolved things a bit better. For example the "Dear Princess Celestia Segments" They could of left those in. First the letters to the Princess from Twilight, then letters from Twilight AND her friends, then the book of friendship, then when Starlight came around they could of shifted the segment to 'frienshp lessons/teaching moments' to Starlight. As in Twilight's telling her what she learned or what her friends learned or what not. Then, the school could of had them teaching the entire class for those segments. Just again I feel it could of been a more natural evolution of that segment, instead of just pretty much ditching it in favor of "Let's talk publically of what we learned".... which works in some cases but others... just feels more 'awkward' and the show's even joked about it XD However, i think one of the reasons why I do enjoy those first few seasons more.. is because it's about a social outcast, who's trying to fit in, and getting some new friends. Something I can relate too.for I'm a social outcast with well, my 'friends' are more people I occationally talk too so they feel more like aquantences :/) Always wished I had a groupf of friends like Twilight had and part of why I liked the show so much. Then, as time progressed, she wasn't as much of a social outcast. Not saying there weren't moments where she wasn't, but still. Then Starlight comes along. Another social outcast, struggling to find friends and such. I connected with her too and why I also like her and when she's apart of an episode I tend to like it more, because of that dynamic. Again, it's not to say that I don't enjoy the series outside of those moments, but it's part of what hooked me and part of why I enjoy those moments more.
  21. While I get that, I do, but it still causes a big issue with why Starlight was there yet didn't do anything. It would of worked to help write her out. And while yeah she DOES have other options, it's a split second type decision and she could of just 'acted'. Nonetheless, I still wish they had a way to explain why Starlight was written out. Granted, I think they should of just not shown her at the festival at all, or if done so, have her cameo at the end of the movie (as in during the concert back on track) cuz then we could just assume Starlight was just simply away during the attack and didn't get back until after it was over.
  22. I should point out that Deleted scenes may or may not be cannon. Some times scenes are removed because they were made before the storyline changed. Also, if I remember correctly, they have shown their money which seem to resemble EQ gold. Though I mean they also reuse things like Hay-Burgers, unless they really do have a more vegetarian diet.
  23. Ooh, sounds fun Well, there are a few traditional differences, like the dolls. But it's more like if I had text saying "Merry Christmas" wouldn't want to get counted off for it.
  24. I'm pretty sure the word "Children" was used in the show. Though I should ask. Does it specifically have to be "Hearth's Warming" or we allowed to do a Christmas theme?
  25. Better than what I can do, I promise you that But seriously it was well done.