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  1. ^Can't agree more. I feel like it was missing an actual "conference". You know, people on stage talking to the press and fans, telling em about the games/ their plans for the future? It was more like a trailer reel than a proper conference :/ Imo, a balance between the talking and gameplay footage is essential to creating effective hype buildup as well as informing the public.
  2. ^Oh my... I'm flattered, Jeric ^///^ But why do I have a sneaking suspicion you chose... ahem... "that picture" to confirm some suspicions of your own? ^.~ #1 Fav: Traditional Loli Alice (Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes) #2 Fav: American McGee's Adult Alice (Black Hair - Green Eyes) ^The best two Alice's; all others pale in comparison^ That goes for the narrative elements too btw
  3. Kai-rouken

    The WPCC Lounge

    What the hell was that conference even? Just when I start to get into it, it fucking ends?? -.- It felt like half an E3 presentation... Sony freaking blue-balling their consumer base like wtf
  4. Kai-rouken

    The WPCC Lounge

    ^Well, I suppose I cannot deny that xDD
  5. Kai-rouken

    The WPCC Lounge

  6. Kai-rouken

    The WPCC Lounge

    Eh, The Last of Us 2 gameplay trailer... what I saw was not my cup of tea at all :/ If that's what Sony is kicking things off with... idk lol The graphics look pretty good and the animations are amazing, but man the gameplay looks so quicktimey... again (ugh). Not really liking the lesbo stuff shoved in my face either, not to mention all the gore gets me super squeamish... I suppose modern AAA gaming just ain't for me anymore xD
  7. Welcome to the second annual KRA-hosted Sony E3 Press conference discussion thread. The purpose of this thread is to discuss Sony's latest E3 Press Conference. Please keep your civility and maturity in mind as you post below. Thank you very much~ ^Started off pretty weak imo, although the games shown were so beautiful graphically it had me wondering if the supposedly "real-time" footage was really playing on a Ps4/Pro level pc; seemed more like a pc with 2x Titan XP's in SLI to me >.> Or, if it was pre-rendered lol. In particular, I was blown away by the visuals on that "Witcher 3: Asian Edition" game (forgot the actual title lol). Death Stranding looked interesting I suppose. Spiderman had really nice animation quality (as did TLOU II) but both of these games really failed to impress in the gameplay department. The main criticsm I had of this conference was "Why the hell was it so damn short?" Seriously, I JUST started to get into the presentation, and then 2 trailers later and it's over... wtf?? Seemed like half a conference tbh. I gave Xbox a 4/10 this year. Playstation gets a 6/10 (nothing too great, but passable, I suppose) What did you guys think?
  8. Kai-rouken

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    Looks like a Chocobo combined with Mordecai from Regular Show I will call it, ChocGobo /)^3^(\
  9. Kai-rouken

    Gaming Official E3 2018 Hype Train!

    Xbox caught me off guard with their conference (totally thought the presentations were starting on the 12th >.<) Sorry I didn't prepare the thread in time... Anyways, it's almost Playstation taimu! https://youtu.be/hYdvpoRhQMo?t=1m50s
  10. Kai-rouken

    Gaming Cuphead - "The Delicious Last Course"

    Cuphead is one of the very few games with technologically impressive graphics that does not require cutting-edge hardware to properly experience. It's all about that animation cel work, boyoo. Cuphead also looks amazing at nearly any resolution; it practically BELONGS on the Nintendo Switch due to this aforementioned characteristics. Let's be real here, most Xbox owners aren't into this type of game anyway... Inb4 @Kyoshi gives me a thorough tongue-lashing for suggesting the game's console exclusivity should move away from Xbone (be gentle pl0x <3) Was the game perfect? Hell no. It was too short and the progression systems left a bit to be desired imo, but then again, what do you expect for a flipping $20 game? Probably some of the best bang for your buck you'll get in the current videogame industry. Top tier production values and excellent gameplay for 1/3 the normal price. I just wish there was a proper physical release :/ I absolutely HATE buying games in digital form. Oh, and this newly playable Ms. Chalice is so fucking adorable. I need her in my life <3 Q.Q
  11. Honestly, this looks pretty freaking awful... Sure, it's no travesty like Starfox Zero, but that isn't exactly saying much lol It just looks sooooo generic to me. :/
  12. I got so hyped when I saw this yesterday: ^I was like holy shit, $350?? No way! (That was actually the price I said the X should be all along to effectively and strategically undercut the Ps4 Pro's $400 price point). But then when I clicked on the link, it turned out to be a typo and the real price was $450.... stupid cock-teasing Gamestop website management >.<
  13. Kai-rouken

    The Worst Season Of The Entire Series?

    The cringe from Season 2 was the direct result of the writers/ voice directors having (subjectively) bad direction. A simple exchange of dialogue would often sound jarringly clumsy and unnatural to the discerning viewer. Slice of Life actually had superb dialogue direction. Not to say it was completely devoid of any cringeworthy moments (I believe the whole scene with Octavia and Vinyl needs no introduction), but notwithstanding that moment along with the obscene quantity of pandering scenes in general, I actually found the fan service to be quite enjoyable overall in this episode. It was blatant fan pandering, but done right imo. Do we need more episodes like this? Probably not lol... but it was definitely fun as a one time thing /)^3^(\
  14. Thoughts on the "Delicious" new waifu? DeviantArt sure seems to have taken a liking to her... Oh, and I guess discussion on the dlc reveal in general too...