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  1. The current trend in digital media, in general, is silos. Closed platforms. Facebook, Reddit, Discord, etc. Why be independent when the platform provides everything you need? But then the platform has the right to arbitrarily decide they don't want you there, and are not obliged to tell you why.
  2. It was more common back in the days that MTV was relevant (i.e. Kiss From a Rose had both a standard music video, and one that was Batman Forever-themed), but now it's mainly for the kids' birthday party mode on the music video displays at your local bowling alley.
  3. Given Sia's involved, it's all but confirmed that if she did a song for this movie, it'll likely be done in such a way that it can be a single (and probably with the obligatory "music video that involves scenes from the movie music video") It's a common practice with these films that has actually resulted in a few good hits (see also, "Can't Stop the Feeling", "Happy", etc.) Who knows, maybe Hey Ocean might do something for it too for obvious reasons
  4. We're getting closer to release, plus we've been trying to hold an OC art contest too in case you want to try and dress yourself up for a cameo.
  5. Translation: I want hands and quads Maybe on special occassions, but we mainly stick to DDR-style charts, and DDR never used hands. Closest thing they had was on the Solo version, which had a 6-panel mode song with a 74-96 jump (i.e. look at your numpad) Although, we are making things harder, come to think of it.
  6. Lirodon

    Sitewide Fonts

    This would probably be something you'd do with a userstyle (see the Stylish extension)
  7. Starlight Scrooge is a precious cinnamon roll.
  8. Oh, and the arrows have horseshoes on them too. We've already had a version out, but I've been poking around with the new version of SM currently under development. Pretty cool under-the-hood changes.
  9. As some of you may be aware, I am involved in a TrotMania - a pony-related StepMania (read: like DDR) project (i.e. songs, a theme, and other aspects. Maybe even crazy TaroNuke-style script courses too?) that me and some friends (including, but not limited to, Woona, InklingBear, and others who may or may not be on here) have been doing for a few years now. Today, I posted the first beta/"preview" of the new, fourth version we are working on, which is known as Euphorius; although we do have more songs either done or in progress, I chose to focus on just five of them so we'd have a good spr
  10. He'd be looking for a music channel that plays dance music or something. Or a boring art show that only 1 out of 27 ponies would appreciate.
  11. Lirodon

    Mega Thread Do you wear MLP clothing in public?

    I only have two MLP-related shirts (a DO YOU LIKE MMMMM BANANAS? one, and a DJ Pon-3 one), neither of which are overtly MLP. People don't actually seem to notice it (well, outside of places where aware of MLP are, that is).
  12. Lirodon

    Post your Desktop

    Had to set up a quick little Debian VM for some LAMP development, so I let the bug horse gnaw at it a bit. Desktop is WindowMaker; its based off an OS that is the descendent of the modern OS X.
  13. Lirodon

    Post your Desktop

    Spitfire is best Wonderbolts Leader.
  14. Lirodon

    Post your Desktop

    Changed it to Kubuntu and KDE 5. Also now with best pony.
  15. Lirodon

    Post your Desktop

    So this is my Linux testbed computer (now on a more comfortable desk, and bigger monitor!), OpenSUSE and KDE 4
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