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  1. Sorry for the long wait on this! I got a new job and my school work load has doubled which left no time to work on requests, I hope you understand. Here is Hot Cocoa for @Emerald Heart! It has been really rainy here lately so that helped inspire this drawing, hope you like!
  2. Here is your request @Will Guide! I darkened the color of the changeling to make them easier to tell apart. Sorry for the late response as I had a family emergency happen and needed to be there, I hope you understand. Hope you like! And I really enjoyed doing this request
  3. You can request another pony @Emerald Heart, I'd be happy to do Hot Cocoa for you
  4. Sorry @Beauregard! Read that wrong and thought that it was you asking, my bad and again sorry! Haven't slept in a while so I'm not running on all cylinders. Sorry again!
  5. Here is your request @Lucky Bolt! She is snowboarding! Sorry for the wait and hope you like!
  6. Sorry this is the only version
  7. Here is your request @Clippit! Hope you like!
  8. I'll do a couple with them, sounds like a fun challenge as I haven't done Changelings before
  9. It's so I dont get overwhelmed with one person wanting a bunch of ponies and then no time to do ponies for others.
  10. Here is your request @陈博学(Trần-Bác-học)! Hope you like! Fire in the hole!
  11. Here is LavenderBreeze for @Tao! Hope you like and sorry for the long wait!
  12. Sure! Just been swarmed with school work so I haven't had a bunch of time to work on pony drawings, but I'm still open