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Everything posted by GlimGlam

  1. Hugs @Averie Aurelia @Rainbowfan45 @Tacodidra @Sliding Bolt @DivineSoul1000 @ChB @Tylad @Nsxile @TheRockARooster @TBD @Twilight Luna @Dynamo Pad @Ragland Tiger @Dawn-Sunlight @Mellow Mane @PoisonClaw @FlareGun45 @Phosphor @StarrySkyDash @Partialgeek514 @Treeglow Flicker @Rising Dusk @Meemayfox @Prospekt @Ember Crescent @lyrabetes3939 @TigerGeekGuy @CypherHoof @FalconBrony @Sondash Studios @R.D.Dash @Regal Shadow @Arc Flash @Cwanky @Lord Midnight Madness @TheAnimationFanatic @Deae Rising Shine~ @Sherbert MGS @Celli @OptimisticNeighsayer @Monado_Dash @Dark Qiviut @Kiryu-Chan @Rikifive @BastementSparkle @Splashee
  2. Looking at the trailer now it seems like she does wanna be a leader.
  3. Im still debating on whether or not Im gonna leave the forums for good or stay. 

    1. DivineKnight1000


      @GlimGlam I think you should stay and talk it out with someone! If you need to talk, I'm always available!

      My door is always open to my friends!


  4. Well I cleared out and erased everything on my profile if you want to contact me My twitter is Dora and Fanmade Schedules and my Discord is Dora and Boots#3633  I hope everyone is happy now. 

  5. Well its decided Im gonna leave and never come  back its clear that Im not wanting here or anywhere else . Goodbye everypony I hope everyone is happy again when I leave

  6. I think the forums would be much better without me and people would be happier . I think I should leave and never return then people wont ever have to worry about seeing me again. 

    1. HeavenSunset




  7. I hate myself  I feel like I’m a very bad person I thought I was a good person but I’m guess I’m not .

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    2. Mellow Mane 🍀

      Mellow Mane 🍀

      You're not a bad person at all! You're amazing, remember that!

    3. HeavenSunset


      You're not a bad person at all

      Everyone here doesn't want you to leave 

      You're saying we will be happier without you but it's wrong 

      Nobody is going to be happy if you leave 

      It's you who thinks your a bad person and nobody else you're not a bad person at all 

      You are the most perfect you there is and always remember that

      You bring out the best in all of us and you're an excellent friend

      Nobody wants you to go and I hope you realise that

    4. Nsxile 🔥🐲

      Nsxile 🔥🐲

      What happened? You OK? :mlp_confused::(

  8. Hey @frito338 Welcome to Mlp forums were so happy to have you here and we hope your happy to be here. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  9. Happy Friendship day everypony I dont know
  10. All insects any of them I am absolutely terrified of bugs no matter why’s kind of bug it is I always run away or scream.
  11. Anypony wanna be my partner for the scavenger hunt I don’t have one yet?

  12. Finally school is over and I can do the Friendship day  scavenger hunt.  Also good Afternoon everypony how is everypony doing on this typical Wednesday afternoon?

    1. StarrySkyDash


      Im doing pretty well

    2. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      Hey there, my friend and glad to hear that school is done for the day. I hope the scavenger hunt goes well. I have an upset stomach and I went through a bit of an ordeal, but I'm doing okay. How are you? :) 

    3. Tacodidra


      Good afternoon, my friend! :D I hope you're doing fine! :fluttershy: My day has certainly been quite a good and relaxing one. :)

  13. Who wants to be my partner for the scavenger hunt?
  14. I have school so I’ll be able to do it around 2pm when I get out.
  15. Yay it’s Twilight Friendship day Happy Twilight Friendship Day everypony
  16. Good morning everypony and Happy Princess Twilight Friendship day  how is everypony on this beautiful Wednesday morning?



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    2. Tacodidra


      Good morning and happy Friendship Day, my friend! :D I'm doing fine at the moment – great to hear you are too! :fluttershy:

    3. Cl0udChaser


      I'm doing great. :) Hot outside as usual.


    4. Ragland Tiger
  17. Your show is it about spike the one your creating?
  18. Hugs for all my bros @Averie Aurelia @Rainbowfan45 @Tacodidra @Sliding Bolt @Tylad @DivineGuard1000 @Nsxile @TheRockARooster @Lucky Bolt @Twilight Luna @Dynamo Pad @FlareGun45 @Dawn-Sunlight @Mellow Mane @lyrabetes3939 @Phosphor @StarrySkyDash @CypherHoof @TigerGeekGuy @Partialgeek514 @FalconBrony @Rising Dusk @ChB @Meemayfox R.D.Dash @TBD @Sondash Studios @Cwanky @WillightRobinbine @Regal Shadow @Prospekt @Totally Lyra @Flutterstep @Ember Crescent @SpongeBobsLittlePony @Ninetales @Arc Flash @strongwilled_pegasus @Will Guide @Sherbert MGS @Lord Midnight Madness @Cyclone1066 @Unimportant Pony @TheAnimationFanatic @Splashee @Deae Rising Shine~ @Ragland Tiger @Treeglow Flicker @VG_Addict @DashYoshi @The Recherche @imawesome @Cash In @KingMorgana @Iam @Outnick @Fasu @Kiryu-Chan @FluttershyWonders @Photon Jet @OptimisticNeighsayer @DashYoshi @Monado_Dash @OptimisticNeighsayer @THRILLSEEKER @Millennium Shadow @Photon Jet @Jeric @EpicEnergy @Rainbow Cloud @Callisto @vivishy @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ @Rikifive @Roxelite @Dark Qiviut @J.T. @Truffles @BastementSparkle @Celli @Emerald<3 @Shiki @Berry-Bliss-Sundae
  19. Gives Chocolate cake to @Averie Aurelia @Rainbowfan45 @Tacodidra @Sliding Bolt @Tylad @DivineGuard1000 @Nsxile @TheRockARooster @Lucky Bolt @Twilight Luna @Dynamo Pad @FlareGun45 @Dawn-Sunlight @Mellow Mane @lyrabetes3939 @Phosphor @CypherHoof @TigerGeekGuy @Partialgeek514 @FalconBrony @Rising Dusk @ChB @Meemayfox R.D.Dash @TBD @Sondash Studios @Cwanky @WillightRobinbine @Regal Shadow @Prospekt @Totally Lyra @Flutterstep @Ember Crescent @SpongeBobsLittlePony @Ninetales @Arc Flash @strongwilled_pegasus @Will Guide @Sherbert MGS @Lord Midnight Madness @Unimportant Pony @TheAnimationFanatic @Splashee @StarrySkyDash @Deae Rising Shine~ @Ragland Tiger @Treeglow Flicker @VG_Addict @DashYoshi @The Recherche @imawesome @Cash In @KingMorgana @Iam @Outnick @Fasu @Kiryu-Chan @FluttershyWonders @Photon Jet @OptimisticNeighsayer @DashYoshi @Monado_Dash @OptimisticNeighsayer @THRILLSEEKER @Millennium Shadow @Photon Jet @Jeric @EpicEnergy @Rainbow Cloud @Callisto @vivishy @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ @Rikifive @Roxelite @Dark Qiviut @J.T. @Truffles @BastementSparkle @Celli @Emerald<3 @Shiki @Berry-Bliss-Sundae @LemonLavender Don’t mine if I do thanks
  20. In less than 3 hours it’s 2nd best pony aka Twilight Friendship day.