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  1. I really hope I don't get charged for missing my appointment. That'll ruin my week for sure...
  2. Took my meds, cooked a nice healthy meal, had two cups of coffee, played some World of Warcraft! Then later on I'll lift some weights and cook dinner
  3. Ladybugs and stinkbugs, surprisingly. Stinkbugs are so clumsy and funny. Except when they stink
  4. It's not like the parents are forcing anything. The key word is "neutral." Once the child becomes old enough to decide what they want to pursue, what's wrong with that? I'm all for open-mindedness. It's when the parents start forcing ideas and all that is when it becomes a problem.
  5. Irritated but happy that I got some stuff done.
  6. Man. I don't know what it is is lately but the past few days have been awful for me! From big things to small things... It's like I stepped on the sidewalk crack or broke a mirror too many times. Seems as if all the bad luck I've accumulated is catching up with me all at once! :mlp_wat:

    1. Kujamih


      Thats you have none:)

    2. CoconutCake


      At least for awhile, haha! It is what it is~ :grin:

    3. Kujamih


      Just look at the good side:) it has less stress

  7. I enjoy bodybuilding and tennis the most. I’ve been out of shape lately but I’m slowly easing back into it.
  8. do you wanna squish the care bear?


    1. CoconutCake


      Yes! I will squish as many as you have :grin:

    2. strongwilled_pegasus


      it has a cutie mark......


  9. I  sent u a bunch of private messages...............

    tell me what u think

  10. I think it depends on what the relationship is. Is it an open relationship? Or a committed one? Or maybe just casual dating? Open relationship: I guess cheating doesn’t exist? But I do believe if someone (person A) starts falling in love with another other person (person C) they should tell the person they’re in the open relationship with (person B ) and end it. Because at that point it’s just pointless to keep the open relationship going with person B. Casual Dating: Again, if someone starts falling in love with another person while dating someone, End it. I don’t know if some people have standards for casual dating but to me it’s all casual, so... no really bad cheating I suppose until it gets serious. Commited Relationship: Flirting with bad intentions. That’s cheating and downright disrespectful. If the person is okay with flirting, whatever. But if they are flirting with intent on getting that person to bed... cheating. Just my opinions though! This is how I’d want my relationships/dating rules to go. And I’d hope my partner would understand.