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  1. I  *squish*  the rainbow heart

  2. yay coconut cake cake!    what's up?

  3. My day hasn't been that awesome so far, I haven’t really done too much because it seems like negative energy is following me everywhere I go and every time I try to do something, so As of now, I’m laying in bed (playing it safe...) But I’m planning on doing a lot more later on in the evening!
  4. A bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch because I was too lazy to cook anything yet
  5. Ketchup and/or mustard. If I’m feeling crazy I’ll perhaps add in a bit of relish.
  6. I slept GREAT. Had sweet dreams about a special girl, and actually woke up feeling refreshed. These things usually never happen lol.
  7. Nope, it becomes an out of control frizzy afro so I shave the sides and back, leaving a good amount on the top. I look way better with it managed and under control
  8. Change is hard but living like this is harder.
  9. Meh. Need to get some of my crap together, so, kind of dreading that.
  10. Good morning y’all! How is everyone? :D 

    1. InfernalEnergy


      I'm doing good today, how about you? :grin:

  11. Thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you :) 

    1. SpongeBobsLittlePony


      You’re welcome and nice to meet you too!

  12. do you wanna adopt  me?


    (I'm not being serious)

    1. CoconutCake


      I don’t see why not! :kindness: Get in the carrier and I’ll take ya to your new home~

      (I know you aren’t serious lol don’t worry)

    2. strongwilled_pegasus
  13. Bed time. Goodnight y’all! :grin:

    1. SnowyBlossom


      Sleep well 

    2. Crimson storm

      Crimson storm

      May Luna bring you sweet dreams