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  1. Sometimes it’s just one of those nights where you just want to avoid all your (close) friends and just basically be alone and not talk to them.

    I always feel bad about that though :huh:

  2. Not pull, but I twirl or feel up the hair on the back of my head around my fingers as a nervous/anxiety habit. Or when I'm bored. It makes me strike quite a pose when I do it
  3. Fantastic. For no reason. It's really weird.
  4. bad guy - Billie Eilish. No explanations needed since everyone who likes pop music knows it. I will say though, that her and her brother are incredibly talented. Hopefully more up and coming pop stars will follow in her [new] footsteps.
  5. My mood is so good right now... but why?! Strange... :baconmane:

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      dude, don't question it.....   just go with  it


  6. Attractiveness: honestly? Maybe a strong 7, light 8. Maybe. My fashion sense helps Intelligence: 8-9? I'm surely way above average *shrug* Kindness: 10+! Even to people I hate or dislike. But that's just because of my upbringing (very moral and whatnot) haha It's awkward rating myself these things... you'd be better off asking my family and close friends. But these are the best answers I could come up with!
  7. I wonder how someone else besides me would feel about the thought “it’s not lying if they make you lie”...

  8. Sometimes with family. I come from a family of sarcasm and dark humor, so sometimes I can get pretty dry and joke around. But my friends don’t appreciate it, and to be honest I don’t feel right being 25 years old and trolling kids on a video game, for instance. It just seems weird (for me, in my opinion)
  9. Food (AKA how hungry I am) and what I should do on World of Warcraft Classic tonight
  10. My hair (because of its texture and color), face in general, and skin color. I always thought black hair with pale skin was nice looking, so Other than that, meh.
  11. Was just about to head to bed and thought about the forums! I haven’t forgotten about you guys, I’m just terrible at consistency and go through times I wanna be alone :please: I hope I don’t let anyone down!

    I will respond to the messages you guys have left me tomorrow~ :fluttershy: love y’all!

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      your  back, yay

      was wondering about u:wacko:

  12. merry christmas and happy new year to you