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  1. An intense tornado leaving a trail of intense, [self-made] destruction in it's trails. Also, a nice thunderstorm in the background representing the constant mood struggles and depression for good measure! (this makes me sound miserable, but... I've always identified with tornadoes)
  2. ASMR is a lifesaver for me, omg. Does anyone else like ASMR? :)

  3. Banned for crushing on anime guys! (Which is totally fine, definitely no judgements here! )
  4. I wish sleep wasn't a thing. Like... I hate sleeping. Life would be so much easier if sleep was just an option, not a requirement! In some parallel universe, sleep wouldn't even matter. I just hate it so much. :mlp_gag:
    Take a shot every time I said "sleep" :laugh: But that's just how I feel lol.

  5. Nick Jonas, Zayn Malik, G-Eazy, Jesse Rutherford, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Gale Harold, Liam Payne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, I could go on... Side note: A lot of the reason I find these guys attractive is not only because of their appearance, but I generally think they're decent people and are very talented. The singers/musicians also inspire me since I'm a musician as well. The looks are only part of it, hehe.
  6. That I need to get some dishes done before bed and hoping tomorrow will be a good day.
  7. Defeated, but I'll try to make the most of it.
  8. I need to install some shelves on my wall soon. Ever completely run out of room in your space? That’s me right now :eww:

    1. Bas


      Since I moved, definitively lol. Maybe I should (or not should not?) make a pic of my room.

  9. Better than usual. Kind of sleepy (it’s 4:48am), but thinking of watching another episode of SPN on Netflix. Hoping I can sleep well tonight as well.