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  1. Returning a New Years Snoot boop to @Longhaul
  2. I feel like most of the time I'm still in my 20s psychologically and my correct age physically. On bad days, though, I feel like I'm in my 80s.
  3. I'm very fond of Chai tea but don't drink it often. I also like to go to tea rooms and have tea and sandwiches. It's a fun activity that, again, I don't get to do often enough.
  4. After my absence, I need to catch up on the boopin'! Boop to @Alexshy, @The Recherche and @Longhaul
  5. Finally... The Silenz is back... I see @Longhaul seems to be in a bit of a fog (at least the avatar appears foggy at the moment) How's everyone doing? I sure need a cuppa coffee. Whew!
  6. Wait, what? What's happening to the lounge? Or to you? Gives @Longhaul a questioning boop... Why do I always feel like I missed an episode that contained a huge plot reveal??
  7. I respectfully submit that you could talk to someone on forums like this for months, perhaps even YEARS and never have an inkling of what they look like. So, you get to know them through the conversation. You like the way they put sentences together. Their ideas make you think. Maybe in your mind you have a mental picture of them. Then, by chance, you get to meet the person and find out that girl you've fallen in love with is a 45 year old guy who is 5 foot 2 and the last time they exercised was a PE class back in High School. Do you not even want to be friends (fair cop IF the person intentionally deceived you...) Or the guy who wrote you love poems for 2 years and who you envisioned yourself marrying is missing a leg and lives with his parents because he'll never be able to hold a job due to PTSD (related, perhaps, to that missing limb) and he looks nothing like the guy you fell in love with in your head. But the reality is, the beautiful person you fell in love with is still inside that imperfect body. Do you walk away from two years of friendship/courtship because all you care about is finding someone who is going to make other people envy you when you're out and about, or do you realize that what you really want in life is someone you can have an intelligent conversation with? Even if someone shares a picture, you don't know if it's really them, or how old that picture is. Fall in love with some's mind, with their wit, with their kindness and compassion. Looks can fade or be changed in the blink of an eye via tragedy. Physical expressions of affection can be impacted by so many factors. If you decide who to love based on someone's physical presence, what happens when you're 65 and the person you're with is a boring old twit who doesn't really give a shit about you? Cultivate friendships, find people who truly care about and support you, and if one of those people ends up being the love of your life, so much the better.
  8. I'm used to it being quiet when I visit but very quiet night.... wonder where everypony wandered off to... *sniffs self I showered and everything...
  9. Ahhh, vacation - Any fun plans or just catching up on napping? And trying to find a surge source... sure it isn't the operator's 'magnetic' personality?
  10. Hey there @Alexshy How are things with you? Hoping all is well.
  11. Hi @Rixton - trying to stay awake a little bit longer and get some more off my plate so it's not sitting there tomorrow. I totally understand "not much spirit to work..."
  12. I am not asleep but I don't know if I would call this truly AWAKE, either.
  13. I think that there were a couple of issues with restoring me... 1st - email-tag issue (which I don't fault anyone for because people have lives and stuff). 2nd - I guess that I somehow signed up for Poniverse with 1 email and the forums with another and I THOUGHT I had consolidated everything under one email at some point but APPARENTLY NOT (way to go, me!) 3rd - There was about a week and a half where I thought it was odd that I couldn't log in but didn't actually reach out to anyone because I thought I was just being an idiot. As soon as I had an inkling that it wasn't just my computer being an a--hole, I emailed someone. And then I was sucked up into banging out some projects and the email-tag shenanigans began (most of which were totally my fault, because I managed to flub up and get myself locked out of my email, too. In hindsight, it was similar to flushing my keys down the loo, I got everything back eventually, but it was a lot of fiddling to get it all done). In summation, technology is your friend until suddenly it isn't and more than once I thought to myself that maybe I should just give up, but I missed you guys so.... here I am!
  14. It's been so long since I've booped any snoots! Boops to @Rising Dusk @CypherHoof @Alexshy @Longhaul