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  1. Ponynuke


    and it is awesome to meet you! *hugs*
  2. Ponynuke


    very true I honestly was very surprized I liked mlp very true but I just like to be fashionably late thanks its great to be here! I love it here very much! still learning but so far everyponies been awesome! *hugs*
  3. Ponynuke


    So anyway hello everypony I am ponynuke I figured I might as well post a welcome post as my first post was rather plunt and wasn't really deserving of this section, But yes I am ponynuke a green nuclear not so Alicorn, Alicorn! and I am always eager to meet new ponies and never lose enthusiam!
  4. Once again thank you! Thank you everyone for all those awesome words! Its really cool that this fandom exist with awesome folk like you all
  5. ...mine fart nuke clouds...is thst to silly?
  6. Oh thanks, thats ponynuke, the nuclear power not so alicorn alicorn I drew, and may I say I like your oc as well!
  7. Hehe don't worry I know you're not a bot, I was just replying to a little joker they're
  8. @woodchunks66 I just might take you up on that offer, it would be awesome to chat with other bronies!
  9. Than how do you know I am not a bot?
  10. Same here, but now that I learned its not dead or even dying I may have joined a little later in the season but all it means is I better make up for lost time!
  11. Actually that chart is very helpful! Thank very much! Its just great to be reassured that I am not to late that I can be the brony I want to be! To be greeted by so many awesome individuals! And to have such a warm welcome! I am really looking forward to being a brony!!!!!
  12. You sure are lucky! I live in California so bronycon like on the otherside of the country for me, babscon is only an hour away for me but I hear bronycon is the best of the conventions
  13. Man I wish I could go to bronycon but I can't afford the flight right now, I am planning a trip to babscon which is a smaller convention located in my state! Bronycon...one day
  14. Sorry I literaly don't know how to reply, but yeah I really just want to be a part of this fandom, I know it has some cring but come on what fandom doesn't? But yeah I look forward to using this site!
  15. Thats just what I was kind of afraid of, don't get me wrong I don't want the show to go the way of spongebob where it goes to long and become a shell less husk, but I just want to be a part of the fandom, I want to have the full brony experience! Meet new people and create my own ponysona! Go to conventions I want to experience it all!
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