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  1. I hope it will be only a side thing, not the G5. For the main line, this is disgusting!
  2. Good work here! It's nice to see you have made it!
  3. When I was at my BSc course, we has lunch at the canteen, I saw there is chicken stripe, I bought it. It had a not bad taste. My class mate was laughing when he sert down to the table, that I bought the stripe strew. From that moment I was unable to continue eating it. Interesting while you do not have the information, you eat it.
  4. Yeah, upload them as soon as you can!
  5. Happy Nightmare Night Everypony!

  6. In my country, a car is not a thing that everyone can afford. People here are happy if they even have something can take them to work...etc. But this is only my place. Anyway, I am happy to have a Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback 2016 model.
  7. Finally, the Tree of Harmony is finished. I am learning Blender 2.8, this my first published render with this version.
  8. Boops @Longhaul, @Rising Dusk, @Tacodidra, @Samurai Equine, @Spooker, @TheTaZe, @MapleMoon, @Muffinnz.
  9. You did not disappointed me, I thought you live there, my bad. Btw, what programming language you like?
  10. So, English and Polish, do you have a nice weather up there?
  11. I too never been to any conventions, I live in Europe and a big travel is too expensive for me, and on the other hand, I do not have the time due to my job.
  12. Since my city was famous of a factory, it has a nickname Steel City.
  13. Hello Everypony!

    Is there any of you willing to support me by giving voice to my project? I could really appreciate the help.
    This is the work I am on:


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    2. Rixton


      Well, currently I am using text to speech program, so let's say a real person's voice would be much better. Not looking for cinema quality ofc.

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      I have a USB mic and a pop filter. I'm not very confident recording my voice and I'm not really an actor per se, but I'd like to help. How many videos do you need voice actors for?

    4. Rixton


      Well, I appreciate you help, it's kind of a longer project, I have a couple of episodes in plan, so only do it if you have the mood for it.
      " my voice and I'm not really an actor per se" -> As I sad, it will not be a cinema movie. :)

  14. I know your name and have seen you around quite long, however not many details (yet?)