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  1. are you a 3d artist or animator

    1. Rixton


      I am both of the two.

  2. Rixton

    Personal Dilemma

    This may not help you feel better, but I was without a job almost a year after I graduated, and my country is much-much not as that high category than yours, so you should not worry too much about it, you now need to focus on finishing your studies. I did not have any idea where to go to work at that time. Speaking about the burnout stuff, I hope it is just an emotional valley, not the beginning of your leave from the fandom.
  3. Rixton

    The WPCC Lounge

    Sadly, it seems that time was a wave. Plus it is now not summer, people may have less time to stay. Or I was just completely wrong.
  4. Only my closest friends know that I am a brony. Getting out this information, especially at my workplace would destroy my hardly earned reputation. It is a fact, sad, but true fact, many people simply cannot and/or do not want to understand it, some of them would catch the chance to make a new mobbing target from me. Sometimes it is better to stay in quiet.
  5. Rixton

    A to Z of Fictional Characters

  6. By the way, I uploaded something for this moment: This is a piece from an old project, I guess it will fit here.
  7. Happy Anniversary day My Little Pony! I first discovered MLP back in approx. the middle of 2013, but at that time it did not caught my attention. At the end of the year we had a Garry's mod lan party, and my friend added some MLP addons...I sad: "Ok...". After some hours of playing he opened the Flutter-Hulk video, that point was the first time I started to show some interest, than later we watched the first two episodes, and I understood what is going on with this series, there was no stop. I joined to a local MLP forum in my country (what is off now sadly) in the begining of 2014, and to this forum in this year, 10th of June. There is a feeling on his words telling me yes.
  8. Rixton

    Post your OC!

    Robot pony!!! She is very cute!
  9. It is interesting, it did not come into my mind that she could even be evil. It could make things boosted.
  10. Rixton

    Three Word Story

    She just realized
  11. Rixton

    Post your OC!

    Name: Rixton Gender: Male Type: Originally earth (later equipped with an artificial horn) Cutie mark: A caliper Appearance: Usually with a white cape Hobbies: Crafting stuff.
  12. Rixton

    Make MLP great again

    Yep, we can say that almost the fandom is keeping it alive, which it not a bad point from a point of view. From other side, it we are talking about how the popularity of the show is going down, my viewpoint is that they tried to entertain greater topics from season 5, like Equality or how to turn something into a weapon...anyway, basically ~20 minutes is not enough for these topics and they were generally only presented in 1-2 episodes. Similar to the movie, it was too short. On the other hand, this will not fit into the original thing, how the show started. Some times I have a feeling that the creator just scamp it.
  13. Rixton

    A to Z of Movies