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  1. Hey comrade , how’s it going?

    1. Rixton


      Huh, it's been a while since i was logged it. I was very busy during the past weeks and had some problems too, this is why I wasn't here.

    2. Koncova


      Oh hey no worries, it’s good that your alright 

  2. It's nice @Rising Dusk, @Samurai Equine from you, I have not been quite active recently, due to my studies, and you still mention me. Big hug for you two!
  3. I was bullied in elementary and secondary school, because I was a quiet and weak person, and why should not bully me than. This had made my 10-18 years a hell, and would never want to go back to that age...
  4. Mirror selfie. Honestly, completely weird thing.
  5. I'm just simply can't understand why people think if someone is interested in the other, why it cannot be told? And why it is a problem if a girl rejects a guy? Should they live a life built on lies? Humanity lived and still living a life full of useless rules, showing an ice-cold smile, if you are not acting cool and not as strong and dumb as a concrete block, than you are a failure and should go away from the scene. Anyway, it's nice to see some girls share these viewpoint.
  6. For me the show != fandom, if some people chose to be toxic, it's their decision. Ofc the last seasons were not as good as the beginning, but hey, S1 came with the feeling of something new. I never stopped watching it, and will watch the new generation too.
  7. singature.jpg
    What is she thinking? Not sure whether these are cards, a tcg or a game of marepoly and someone landing on her street.:ooh:
    1. Rixton


      It an STM32F103C8T6, ARM based micro controller on a development board. A thing that we want to learn to use in the future with my friend, we call it Super Arduino.
      Currently we are using Atmega328p AVR chips and trying to leave Arduino libraries.

  8. Nice work! But it's sad to see your character crying.
  9. It's very windy here, but sunny. At least my solar system is charging good.
  10. Thank you very much! It's not an industrial CNC, but will do the job. I finished assembling and setting axises today.
  11. Agreed. Since you were five? Uh, what diopter you need?
  12. I begin with my home made CNC machine. We are making this with my friend, and I have planned to submit it as a diploma work too. At first it will be only for drilling PCB boards. On the far future we will upgrade it to allow us milling stuff (like clock with pony drawing?). We are using an AVR ucontroller (Atmega328P), so no pre-made controlling will be used in this project, only some libraries. Later we might change it to the STM32 family, when we will be better in ARM programming. Yeah, ARM is not that "easy" like AVR family. Anyway, I do not want to take too much time from you with many lines, so here is the current state of the device: I'll keep updating the stuff as it completes slowly.