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    Every fail will lead to sucess.
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  1. I feel like my life have crashed.
  2. I feel like hopeless and weak.
  3. Factorio. The big factory game, with my friends.
  4. For certain obvious reasons, I've been reminded of something. Life is short, so cherish your friends and loved ones while you can.


    Thank you for being a friend. If we should ever part ways, I want to remember the following facts: I appreciate you deeply, and you matter a great deal. My life is forever changed for the better just by knowing you. :BrightMacContent:

    1. Rixton


      Thank you very much! It was very king of you.
      (And sorry for the very late, but I had and have serious problems these days)

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      @Rixton No problem, my friend. I hope your problems eventually get worked out, and don't worry about being late. I'm late at many other websites. ^_^

  5. Hey comrade , how’s it going?

    1. Rixton


      Huh, it's been a while since i was logged it. I was very busy during the past weeks and had some problems too, this is why I wasn't here.

    2. Koncova


      Oh hey no worries, it’s good that your alright 

  6. Rixton

    Awesome a User!

    Thank you my friend!
  7. Rixton

    Hug a user!

    It's nice @Rising Dusk, @Samurai Equine from you, I have not been quite active recently, due to my studies, and you still mention me. Big hug for you two!
  8. I was bullied in elementary and secondary school, because I was a quiet and weak person, and why should not bully me than. This had made my 10-18 years a hell, and would never want to go back to that age...
  9. Mirror selfie. Honestly, completely weird thing.
  10. I'm just simply can't understand why people think if someone is interested in the other, why it cannot be told? And why it is a problem if a girl rejects a guy? Should they live a life built on lies? Humanity lived and still living a life full of useless rules, showing an ice-cold smile, if you are not acting cool and not as strong and dumb as a concrete block, than you are a failure and should go away from the scene. Anyway, it's nice to see some girls share these viewpoint.
  11. For me the show != fandom, if some people chose to be toxic, it's their decision. Ofc the last seasons were not as good as the beginning, but hey, S1 came with the feeling of something new. I never stopped watching it, and will watch the new generation too.
  12. Rixton

    no critique °˖✧ Panpan's Doodles ✧˖°

    Nice work! But it's sad to see your character crying.
  13. It's very windy here, but sunny. At least my solar system is charging good.
  14. Thank you very much! It's not an industrial CNC, but will do the job. I finished assembling and setting axises today.
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