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  1. epiccuttlefish

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Yes I do. And it seems you do too... Also, happy summer, everypony!
  2. epiccuttlefish

    Cuddle War!!!!!

    *Cuddles my two followers, @Nature Tune and @SolarFlare13 *
  3. epiccuttlefish

    What Kind of MLP Pony Type Are You? Quiz

    Apparently, I am a unicorn, not a cuttlefish. Though I would have to ask some questions if the quiz said that I was a cuttlefish...
  4. I am fairly new here, and I check here fairly frequently, so most of the time I do not have any notifications. Occasionally I will have one or two, especially the first time I check after I get up.
  5. epiccuttlefish

    Sports Who does/has done Karate or any Martial Art.

    I have been doing a variant of tae kwon do since 2008. For those who are interested, I will leave a link to the website of the martial arts school that I go to here.
  6. epiccuttlefish

    Last thing you got out of the fridge?

    Milk so I could make myself some chocolate milk.
  7. epiccuttlefish

    Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

    Of course I would hug Derpy!
  8. Thanks for being my first follower! :pinkie:

    1. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      I am? :confused: Well, no problem!

      And welcome! :D 

  9. epiccuttlefish

    General Where is everypony from?

    I have lived in Washington State my whole life.
  10. epiccuttlefish

    General Why did you choose your username?

    When I was first choosing a username, back when I was in fourth or fifth grade, I was friends with someone who used the username epicscorpion, and cuttlefish were (and still are) my favorite animal. I have been using the same username ever since.
  11. epiccuttlefish

    Answer the above question with a lie?

    No. What is your favorite game?
  12. epiccuttlefish

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    How did I manage to disguise just my left side?
  13. epiccuttlefish

    Gaming Most disappointing game you have ever played?

    I would have to say that the game that disappointed me the most was Kinetic Void. I bought it mostly for the shipbuilding, but that was bad. So bad, in fact, I stopped playing the game the same day I bought it before I experienced the rest of the game. But don't worry, the reviews that I found online afterwards indicate that the shipbuilding is the best part of the game. Even better, the game has not been updated since I purchased it. Over three years ago. Not a game that I would recommend to any of my friends.
  14. I will be starting my sophomore year at DigiPen Institute of Technology this fall.
  15. epiccuttlefish

    The Great Pun War

    I am not sure how much you know about this, but a couple of years ago a tunneling machine here in the Seattle area had some problems. My dad came up with an idea for why it was having these problems. His theory was that maybe the cutting head was not sharp enough. Yes, his theory was that the boring machine was too dull.