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  1. I have to ask a question before you ban me again, Jeric-sama. Btw, I didn't send a message "through the system" since I no longer have access to the same email address nor do I know exactly who to contact.

    But onto my inquiry, can you please tell me WHY I was banned to begin with? Yes, I am most assuredly the illustrious K. Rool Addict, BUT I am not sure whether you are aware that K. Rool Addict in and of itself was an alt account I made since I was banned on my original account. The reason K. Rool Addict was banned according to the mod/ admin notice was "banned for alt account/ ban evasion".

    Fyi, my original account was ChocolateCrane. And to this day, I have NO IDEA why that account was banned >.< I have inquired multiple times but to no avail. Please can you enlighten me on this one question before you ban me yet again? 

    1. Jeric


      Send an email to from your current email. 

  2. Both the the Switch and Wii U had fairly substantial 3rd party support within their first few years. I agree the Switch isn't getting any of the "big" games. I see no Witcher 3 going to the Switch, nor do I see Monster Hunter World, Kingdom Hearts 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Far Cry 5, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Metro Exodus, Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin's Creed Origins, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, etc. Why isn't the Switch getting all of those high profile releases? Because the hardware isn't capable of playing those games unless they are on settings lower than the lowest pc settings available. So, in other words, power is essential to getting proper "full" 3rd party support. The Switch will most likely continue to do well even with their lack of some high profile titles. Why? Because the Switch is the "stylish new thing" to buy. Just like the Wii was 10 years ago. Style over substance is pretty much Nintendo's new mantra. That and "Gimmicks, gimmicks everywhere~" Regardless, I'm looking forward to playing some awesome new Switch exclusive titles at 4k 60fps once a proper emulator comes out. So, I suppose I cannot complain too much lol (^-^)/) Can't wait for the 1100 series either \(^o^)/
  3. Needs to stop focusing on pandering to progressive social ideals, and start actually trying to tell a coherent and inspired story. TFA and TLJ were utter trainwrecks in pretty much every way imaginable. Rogue One was surprisingly good. Solo I have not watched, nor do I intend to. I wanna see someone who actually CARES about Star Wars try and write a 3 part narrative. Make it emotionally resonating, with fun likable characters, but don't contrast tones in such a way that it insults the audience, don't push stupid forced humor in literally every scene, don't tell your actors to act like freaking frat boys (looking at you Finn and Poe >.>). And please enough with the Mary Sues. Rey was actually VERY likable to me for the first 10 minutes of TFA. You got to see how she lived, and were immersed into her whole tragic wastelander lifestyle. It made you care about her. But shortly later they transform her into Superwoman with the best luck in the galaxy. Turning the underdog character into a Mary Sue with absolutely no satisfying sense of progression or sacrifice on her part comes off as obscenely lazy and uninspired. It almost makes you wanna root for the villains since they are now the underdogs in actuality... -.- I'm also gonna go on record here and say I vastly preferred the prequels to any of these "new" movies. The main issue with the prequels was the ATROCIOUSLY BAD acting. And Jar Jar. Remove those two factors, and I would have LOVED these movies. The world building aspect was just so interesting and robust; even moreso than the OT. OT had the best characters and acting, and very solid story. PT had the best world building and story, but terrible acting. ST has the worst everything lol. (Idk, maybe cinematography is on point, but everything else is just so wrong)
  4. ^I completely agree. It is a freaking flag. It represents something that was "bad" back in the old days, but now that "bad" thing is gone. Same with swastikas. Why people get so up in arms over a symbol is absolutely beyond me. They should hate the ideologies of the culture, not the flag that used to represent that culture. And I also totally agree it's like trying to censor history.