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  1. When i was asked to present this art contest and chose a theme for it, it took me by surprise and i didn't have something in mind at first, but with Fashion week comming up and with fond memories of my childhood, i decided to ask you to re-imagine a pony(or other mlp creatures) as if they lived 1000 years ago and design them an outfit that would fit the period,feel free to come up with a new character if you'd prefer giving 2 months for a deadline instead of one seems to have worked well and more people find the time to participate so i think we'll continue that so you have until Nov 1st, have fun since there are always queries bellow, here are some of the rulings you can draw anything you feel fits the theme as long as it follows the general forum rules(sfw, and common courtesy etc) it can be done in any visual medium be it digital, traditional or even animation(believe it or not we had them in the past, hats of to those with iron patience) you can use bases, as long as you credit the original source OCs are allowed if they fit the theme you post your entries in the comments of this thread, no need to look for a submition form like in the past if you have any further questions ask them bellow and i'll try to answer them in a timely manner (LordValtasar)
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    Hi Princess Celestia, welcome to the MLP Forums. ^^

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  3. Greetings my little ponies. Today is a special day that only comes every few years. Its a leap day. A whole extra day for us to have fun and celebrate. What are your plans for today? Will you visit the magical land of Equestria today? Oh and make sure to tell Luna that its leap Day not leap Night.
  4. Good Morning My Little Ponies Today is the dawn of the Final Day of my most beloved students adventures Please share kindness and warmth with each other as we all know that letting go can be hard. Tell me what lessons have you learned in this long journey? Who have you walked with along the way? What unexpected ponies have brought you joy?
  5. "You've been wondering what you are meant to do as a princess. Do you know now?"
  6. if i do, and i'm not saying i am, then you'll have to trust that there is a good reason for it, and asking in public isn't helping, let them go SwiftSpear that day, right after being up all night was quite a harsh one, i can't recall much of it but i'm pretty sure i did, not using the Royal Canterlot voice i may add *rolls her eyes* Thank you all for your wonderful questions, but duty is waiting for nopony so i must return to Equestria now
  7. then i have to admit that i have not heard of that Frith, do keep in mind that i am from a different world
  8. i am not certain if you speak of a specific one,there are firths and lagoons aplenty throughout the shores of Equestria oh, Frith, i have, it means Freedom in old ponish,which i was also taught, we are actually during the longest period of peace equestria has ever seen
  9. considering.. her status.. the past 1000 years, it was kinda hard to arange, and our duties don't allow much time for leisure, maybe one day indeed i have, Starswirl made sure to educate us in many subjects, geography was one of them Oh my the Gala is such a boring afair usually, i have my little tricks though to avoid falling asleep through it (inviting discord seems to have worked like a charm last year)
  10. this is once more a question for Mistmane, it is not my secret to share that is too fresh, paparazi are getting really good at tracking us it seems, i will leave no coment on recent events, i hope you understand
  11. A ruler can play no favorites, all cake is equal.. *giggle* bellitling their sacrifice is not a joke, luckily i was able to restore their magic once i started raising the sun and got my cutie mark what i like and what she likes are two very very different things, but it doesn't matter, as long as we're together, it's a good time disguise? why would i use a disguise? *whispers something at a guards ear* Guard: why don't you come with me Scootaloo is a very sweet filly with a bright future ahead of her and has already contributed to equestria even at such a young age, why would i be afraid of her, i'm proud
  12. six unicorns and starswirl the bearded did it, but at a terrible price of having their magic spent there is a legend of an earth pony that really wanted to fly, and so he made wings from wax, but he wanted to fly higher and higher, resulting to his wings melting from the sun's heat, my wings may not be made of wax, but i believe it is why not to attempt it no, of course not, i suppose you are refering to the nightmare night incident, i think it was just what she needed to feel like she's home again