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  1. Princess Celestia

    Submit to the night!

    Yes dear sister it did. You were magnificent. Moon is trapped for a few days to calm down. Rest now. We can finish the clean-up later.
  2. Princess Celestia

    Is this logic?

    That was when we had given Princess Twilight all of our Alicorn Magic so her feats were quite remarkable, but she had returned them by the conclusion of her final confrontation with Tirek.
  3. Princess Celestia

    Submit to the night!

    This is bad comedy Nightmare Moon! Lower the moon now and release these innocents. Unlike last time I WON'T hold back .... this time YOU AREN'T MY SISTER.
  4. Good Morning my faithful students. I am so glad that you have supported Twilights journey and all learned the magic of friendship. Hopefully, you can share your friendship lessons today with somepony else.
  5. Oh, Your Highness!! I wanted to share what I made the other day!!


    Hope you like it!! Good job today leading the team against Seaquestria!!

  6. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    As this years Summer Sun Celebration comes to a close, and the sun has set on the longest day, I want to thank everypony for coming out and sharing, even those that really pushed for me to do more work in their home villages. You will surely see me around during the World Cup and dispensing wisdom as time permits. *yawns* May your summer be an enjoyable and fruitful one.
  7. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Yes she is. Quite a few of us are. Sometimes an evil presence and a sports match can really bring ponies together. *Blushes* You should like me on my bad days. I would adore having a vacation. I thought having Cadance and Twilight in positions of authority would afford us that opportunity, however you had the return of the Crystal Empire, and then Tirek, and then before you knew it, the other Princesses were just as busy as I am. I've joked about giving Spike the throne for a week since he just got his own wings. *Snickers*
  8. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Dearest Twilight, I was actually reading some curiously amusing writings about some gentlecolt who was marrying something named waifu's in my honor. It reminds me of some of the romance stories you used to write secretly. I admit that I am not sure what a waifu is exactly, but I hope people are happy with them. Here is the topic. Vanilla Oat. I know its common, but even I like simplicity in flavors from time to time. I'll admit that her coloring is striking. I have no fond memories of that particular incarnation, though I've long since been able to reconcile the conflict that I had over Nightmare Moon. I will say that I would rather face Nightmare Moon than ... her sister. *Eyes narrow
  9. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Thank you for the kind words.
  10. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    I would appreciate that. I have a fondness for making pancakes in the morning, and I adore syrups from various areas.
  11. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Oh Luna and her pranks. Did you know she ghost wrote this hilarious piece of fiction where she ran this organization named the Lunar Republic? Apparently it became quite famous for a time.
  12. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    That sounds awfully familiar. Where have I heard that before .... ? This looks suspiciously like Yaktakistan at this time of the year. Well, at every time of the year really. Say hello to Prince Rutherford for me when you see him.
  13. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Red velvet cake with mixed berries. Both Mrs. Cake and Pinkie Pie have baked this before and I instantly fell in love with it. I'm also an not-so-secret admirer of Manehattan cheesecake. *chuckles* So many individuals are so fixated on this, while I am duty bound to advise you that I love my subjects equally, I must admit to having a close connection with Luna, Twilight, my niece Cadance, a mirror universe Sombra (that was a long story that I do not wish to explain at this time), and Philomena.
  14. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Dark magic has led to some of the worst moments in Equestrian history. From Sombra's overthrowing the Crystal Empire, to Grogar's machinations about 1000 years ago. The most concerning was when Sunburst accidentally experimented with dark magic and wound up accidentally sending Discord, the Griffons, most Dragons, and practically all of our allies to an alternate world. What made this worse is that it happened right before the Storm King invaded leaving us unable to call upon our allies. This is why the Treaty of White Tail Woods is one of my highest priorities. We may have been able to push back the invasion with your assistance. ... Let me ask you a question. Do you like bananas?
  15. Princess Celestia

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Some are certainly different. Canterlot was the most selected venue until I decided to have it rotated quite some time ago. I do recall a most interesting celebration that took place in the dark forest settlement within Hollow Shades. As you probably know, it is the main settlement of Bat-Ponies. Their village blocks out most of the Sun since heir are sensitive to natural light. Instead, their mayor created a large torch that generated lich fire. Lich fire, like dragon fire, is a magical fire that gives off a lower light and has a unique glow color, in this case it is a nice shade of violet. When I fly up above the tree tops I raise the Sun and a small sun beam illuminates the candle signaling the mayor to light the torch. The Lich Torch I look forward to hearing all about it! nature walks are a remarkably effective way to decompress and clear your mind. Your employers sounds like like-minded individuals. I sense a darkness about you ...