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  1. Someone should really make a chronological order list for these EQG shorts/seasons, because I am lost with it all.
  2. Cause the real world are hypocrites, says liking a cute show is wrong. Watches a cute anime slice of life show anyway which is basically the same thing. Yeah, society is ridiculous and it's even more frustrating that it still goes on to this day.
  3. Kinda surprised that they haven't tbh, the amount of money Disney could earn from it would be astonishing.
  4. Looks like a horrendously failed cosplay, lol. rip the sonic fanbase.
  5. For me it's Rarity for sure the hottest out of them all.
  6. Happy ponyversary everypony I was introduced to the world of ponies back in high school about two years ago (I'm currently in college), I watched most of season one and enjoyed it surprisingly at the time. I dabbled a bit into the series, became a full fledged fan about six months ago or so, that's when I started joining MLP Forums. Now I've watched every single episode of MLP: FIM, EQG/specials and of course the movies. I really like the series, artwork, community, soundtrack and merch.
  7. For me personally this would be my list.(Though they're all gorgeous in their own right) 1. Rarity 2. Sunset Shimmer 3. Sci-Twi 4. Rainbow Dash 5. Fluttershy 6. Applejack 7. Pinkie Pie
  8. Absolutely loved this episode, I've rewatched it 3 times now and can't get enough of it. This is my favorite episode out of this season(so far).
  9. I personally don't think the show has declined, sure there are many duds (especially in the later seasons) but the writers have always been able to bring innovation and creativity with each season that keeps the series fresh. It certainly hasn't reached to the simpsons/family guy levels of seasonal rot.
  10. Why isn't there one for Rainbow Dash one of the best pones????
  11. What's up. I've always found Cadance to be an underrated princess. I absolutely love her voice, especially her singing roles in songs "This Day Aria".
  12. I try and fail miserably then get kicked by the goddesses mighty legs.
  13. Ask me anything that is on your mind, I will answer to the best of my ability. I've been around for a little while within the world of pony, consumed by it's magic.