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  1. this sounded like something that could pottentially get them kicked off the train, she was about to say so, but.. "a hayburger with with extra daisies" came out of her mouth instead,her stomach had other plans and took the reins it seems
  2. things had settled down after tha ...boearding experience, they were now just sitting, mostly silent, probably all thinking. until splashee broke that silence, oh yes, some food would be great right about now, but as he hopped of the seat to search for the food cart, "wait for me" she called after him before following. they did find the food cart easily enough, thankfully pony food and goat food were one and the same so she didn't have to worry about that at least "i'll have a hayburger with extra daisies" she ordered, but as soon as the words came out of her mouth, she realised they had a problem, ponies didn't understand them, she'd never get used to this, it must be her punishment for how she treated everyone at work,fate had a brutal sense of humor it seemed. she looked towards splashee and started wondering what the others might have done to deserve such fate.. t the pony was just looking in utter comfusion,she might have drifted off in thought, but she was still right there in front of the counter as if he'd just carry her order through, what they hay were they thinking, she felt so embarashed she just ran back to the cart the others were
  3. @Lord Valtasar The Great and Powerful (and Adorable) Trixie!


  4. heads up, an uncle of mine is getting married tomorrow, so i'll probably not be posting here