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  1. "then it's settled, let's go everyone, we got a train to catch" she tried to take off out of habit.. but of course nothing happened, except that she probably looked ridiculous, frustrated but also embarashed, she just started walking instead but then even more embarashed she asked "uhm.. which way is the station?"
  2. it's ok of course, feel free to add to it or wait for the next one
  3. "we have to remember it's a pony" she said picking up the turtle again and placing them on her back"i don't believe we got the chance to introduce ourselves to the others with all the.. whatever this is, i'm Solemn Lullaby"
  4. "i took the train here, but i didn't know i was a goat then or had any idea that animals aren't allowed on them" that would explain all the stares she got then.. oh well.. she had bigger problems right now than some stares
  5. "leave it here? and have more ponies turn into animals? we should at least burry it somewhere that we can find it again, it may be the key to turn us back" besides, what more could it do to them, turn them into different animals? "a library huh? does this little town even have one? maybe we're better off going to canterlot's there's bound to be something about ...this" could they even read anymore? now calm down Lullaby, you could read the signs just fine on the station, *takes a deep breath* "i believe they'll let us in" (i hope) "i may be a goat now, but goats are some of the best lawyers in the minotaur lands" not that they were there, but one had to have some hope
  6. now it was finally time to start planning on how to get themselves back, there must be a way, unfortunately none of them were unicorns(would their magic even work even if they were?) she wasn't so sure anymore, her own poor poor wings were gone after all, thinking of that didn't help so she put it on the back of her mind "even though we understand eachother, i noticed that ponies just give us weird looks instead, so we can't rely on asking, so we need to find the answers ourselves, any ideas?" oh please please please say yes she thought to herself
  7. don't worry about speed, it's actually in-character to be slow
  8. Emerald was staring at a turtle, it took her a bit to realise why, but once she did she decided they had no time to wait for the 4th victim to arrive on his own, so she went there "well.. i really hope i'm not talking to a normal turtle like a crazy pony goat, but would you care for a lift?" it wasn't like her to help others, but all of them needed all the help they could get right now
  9. it's ok, i'm just noting it because i feel if i don't it's just gonna stick
  10. we'll let the characters shape the story i think
  11. she started off behind the cat Emerald, "no use pointing hooves, let's just find a way to fix this instead" she shouted hoping she could hear her(once again, my character is a she) damn it was not easy chasing cats, but she.. THEY had to get to the bottom of this, they were both in a tough spot, it wasn't only about her anymore and she found that she actually cared for Emerald too, it was maybe the first time she cared for anyone else except herself and her plants.. "oh there you are.. let me guess, the duck talks too" she said it sarcastically but then it dawned to her, it looked like one of the others on that street, somehow, this made her feel safer, they were not alone in this
  12. to sleep? i think character would be most eager to solve this as soon as possible
  13. she looked onto said window, in utter shock.."that explains my missing wings.." she said in a toned down trempling voice "but not much else, what ever shall i do now.." she almost cried. her whole life was ruined but then remembered that she wasn't alone and composed herself, "what now? you know how to turn us back to normal right? it must have been that blast yesterday, we were both in it"
  14. "Emerald Heart.." it took a moment"EMERALD HEART?? what happened you.." and then the insult came, "a Goat? look here miss, i'm not having the best of days and i'd appreciate it if you keep your insults to yourself" the audacity some ponies.. well cats in this case have