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  1. if i got this right, the unicorn just helped us in
  2. the train had it's doors closed and was leaving already by the time they got there, not being able to fly was hard work, how did the others manage their whole lives like that? "this might get tricky" she said to the turtle once she spoted an open window, the train had started moving, so she tried to jump in, but only her front hooves got through and the train sped up, it was too lake to just wait for the next train now, she strugled to get in until thank Celestia, a unicorn came and helped, splashee run to the next cart but she needed a moment to catch her breath, and she thanked the unicorn(by bowing her head slightly since talking didn't seem to work lately) and then went after the duck
  3. sorry, i got unexpected guests so i minimized my internet activities,i'll be posting in a bit
  4. let me start by saying this looks great and you achieved the points you were trying to pretty well, now then, since you asked for it, here it comes the first thing that strikes me as odd is her ear, it's a tad too small and facing kinda straight at the camera instead of where she's looking at while i get that you wanted to make a focal point with the lighted horn, it should still shed some light to the rest of the face and not just the eyes, while on the subject of lighting i'd also consider adding a bit of a rim light where the magic grabbing the book would reflect, hair also tends to be very reflective, same goes with that bell on her neck since it seems to be metalic you could consider removing the handle from the glasses since there's no way it can go up to the ears, it looks a bit awkward and that was it, overal it looks great, i'm just nitpicking at this point in little ways you could improve it since you asked, it's by no means a bad piece, and i really like how that library fades, and how you did the magic
  5. apparently, this is how i'm gonna look like when i get older