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  1. nope, unlike emails, once a traditional letter gets sent, it's gone and you can't edit
  2. Happy Derpy day everyone, today there is a special offer at the Equestrian post office, so be sure to go write a letter to someone and Derpy will deliver it, please be patient as she tends to get lost from time to time, but your mail will make it ..eventually there is a new mail event badge that you can send to your friends, and write your letter in the "reason" box, the usual forum rules apply so keep it civil and all that stuff, each person will be limited to receiving one mail due to system limitations, so your friend already got one, concider sending one to someone else, spread the fun you can send it from Here
  3. needed to test some layer filters in the drawing program i use, and i thought why not make something out of it, so here you go

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Oh...My...Gosh! giphy.gif




    2. PiratePony


      That's amazing.

  4. for sure, ping me when it's time and i'll see what i can do
  5. various insects (what do you mean as a kid, they're still scary)
  6. some stuff came up and it'll be a while till i get time to do this, so i'd like to withdraw
  7. i usually just read stuff and not post much, then when i find some time i'd go through lot's of threads all at once and respond, so while i'm on the forums every day, i'd say i'm not very active
  8. i did make a goat OC who makes stained glass windows for a living (or used to when she was able) so.. i think that one takes the cake
  9. hours are quite randomly dispersed through the month, i may sometimes work 7 days a week, others 5 days/week and if it's a slow month i may even work 3-4 days/week, as for how many hours a day, that's purely circumstantial aswel. so i chose the third option - chaos
  10. i don't (apparently i express myself by writing stuff and then strike through) i used to express myself through drawings, but lately most of my drawings are for work so it's not my ideas i'm putting down, i found that just telling what you have in mind saves you some grief
  11. fatigue, i make sure i'm very tired before i go to sleep because otherwise i'd just lie in bed for an hour or two before falling asleep, and i consider that wasted time
  12. i put on some music and start drawing, or watch a movie/series
  13. sleep, cook,eat, draw/work, visit friends, fish tank maintenance, play video games or watch a movie, and various other things that aren't repeatable enough as to demand listing here
  14. i pluged a stereo to my computer, and listen to music while working, as for my reaction to it, not much, i just listen to it, maybe hum the lyrics if it's something i really like but no crazy headbanging or air-drums etc
  15. almost all the goals are unlocked, we just release them a few at a time to not flood the forum homepage
  16. so close! if anyone has been holding back, now is the time, let's make this happen
  17. wait what? the document said i won't be blamed for unleashing you into the world, damn them and the tiny letters on the back
  18. exactly, i wouldn't want any injuries, it got too heated plus it completed the 24 hour cycle, not even le mans exceeds that
  19. and to everyone's surprise, This day Aria won. have fun singing it @Emerald Heart @Odyssey, looking forward to it
  20. there are many things, different for each one of us so there isn't really a list, but the fun part is we never know what the next thing will be, life has too many plot twists, and not all of them bad, discovering which ones matter to us is in itself something that makes it all worth it