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  1. It was then when Heart looked up. "Oh sorry I didn't notice that." She said. "Must not have been paying attention."
  2. Heart and Kirby seemed to ignore this, simply eating their FroYo
  3. "Yes!" Heart said in conjunction with Kirby nodding his head.
  4. Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, two overloaded yogurts were set onto the table they all sat at, one watermelon with rainbow sprinkles, M&Ms, and gummy bears, and the other a chocolate/cookies and cream swirl with more chocolate toppings than any human needs. These were revealed to belonged to Kirby and Heart Star respectively. Spectrum's was much more reasonable, being sour apple/watermelon swirl with blueberries on top.
  5. Before they all knew, they were at the place. Yogurt Yard was a large two-story building with a colorful logo in the center of its exterior. Inside was just as colorful. Along one of the walls were Frozen Yogurt dispensers of about 12 different flavors, not including the swirl option. Along another adjacent wall was the cash register and some topping stands.
  6. "It's gotten better since Cadence officially took over, but there are still some snooty jerkwads who think they're entitled to do jerk stuff just because they go to a fancy smancy school." Spectrum responded. "But yeah, Heart's said she feels a lot better now. Anyways, Yogurt Yard here we come!" Spectrum turned the car on and drove off towards the Fro-yo place.
  7. "It was partially because Crystal Prep was kinda garbage at the time. Principal Snitch was going through the whole getting fired thing. Also Heart has kinda garbage self esteem, and some of the students being jerks didn't help that." Spectrum explained. "From what I heard about Dreamland High, it sounded so much better. I wanted her to be in a better situation. So yeah, that's the story."
  8. Kirby then ended up sitting right next to Dynamo. "Yeah, she did transfer over to this school." Spectrum responded. "I was actually the one who convinced her to do this whole transfer thing."
  9. "Yeah, to both of those. Didn't really do much at the Games though." Spectrum mentioned.
  10. "Nice ta meet ya too." She spoke with a Boston accent which sounded kinda fake. "Uh, they comin' with us, Heart?" "Well I offered we all go to Yogurt Yard to get some Frozen Yogurt." Heart told Spectrum. "Oh girl, you're reading mah mind!" Spectrum cheered. "Hop in, there's room for everyone!" Heart got into the passenger seat in the front and Spectrum sat right next to her in the driver's seat.
  11. "It's not too far, but walking would take a while. We'll just take the car." As soon as this was said, they reached the school's parking lot. In this lot were a large collection of buses, though some were from the other schools, and multiple cars, one of which was a black car painted with green lighting bolts. Out of this car waved a purple haired girl who was wearing a leather jacket and a pair of shades. "Yo! Ov'a here!" The new girl cried. Heart seemed to beam up a little. "Everyone, this is my best friend, Spectrum Bolt."
  12. "Alright. Follow me. We need to find Spectrum and her car. I mean I doubt you buses are going to take you to get Frozen Yogurt, so we'll just have Spectrum take us." She mentioned.
  13. "Oh uh sorry. Guess you arrived late. You'll have to come back tomorrow. Uh there's a bathroom near the chemistry classroom." She revealed