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  1. Hold it right there you crazy goat! It's PRINCESS Twilight to you!
  2. Twi, sugarcube, if anypony can pull that off ... its her. I wouldn't fret none. She can do this. WE can do this. Hm. How much time do you reckon we have?
  3. Looks like it's a Tie, i don't believe we ever had that before, guess they'll share the title, thank y'all for coming I'm proud of you Apple Bloom, your first turkey call and you came so close
  4. every pony is doing great, oh sugarcube, after what happened to Big Mac last year, i think it'd be for the best if you skip this here contest allright everypony, let the gobbling continue, Apple Bloom, you're up
  5. o' all right Apple bloom, you can take part, but you have to wait for your turn
  6. Howdy everypony, and welcome to the 13th annual Ponyville Turkey Call who will take the title this year, will Big Mac make a comeback? will Pinkie go on a 2 year streak? or will somepony new surprise us all and win this here trophy? one way to find out, lets talk Turkey Big Mac, you're up, we have somepony else perform this year instead of the ponytones, so gobble to your heart's content (this thread is dedicated to all things turkey(not the country) so post your turkey calls, anything you find on the internet no need to record yourselves(though you can most certainly do that aswel) and don't forget to vote for the title)
  7. Howdy yall. Now that appblebuckin is done we have the finest cider in all of Equestria all fresh squeezed and ready to serve. We also have a bushel of fin activities to keep your hooves ah movin. Yall can look forward to the following events and maybe some surprises by our party pony friends: A trivia challenge Flutter Bat has stolen a few bushels of my apples. I'm gonna need a hoof finding her and getting them back. Look for her hiding in threads around the forum Big Mac has a turkey call planned Rara and Lord Valtasar.have a music event planned A drawing event for the ponies that get fancy with artwork Oh and please leave your best countrism here for me to review.
  8. Hey there Sugarcubes. How about we share our favorite episodes over the last eight years? Thank ya kindly for the support along the way.
  9. > soft chuckle Leave it to Pinkie to find a working oven and cupcake ingredients in a dream.
  10. "I ain't seen a mess like this since Applebloom tore into her closet looking for her lucky bow, and not sure what all this lack of color is! For a moment I thought that I was turning into Granny and imagining the good ol' days or somethin'. Anyway, if I had to point a hoof at somepony, or someponies, I would take a hard look at Flim and Flam. Granny said that they came around looking to buy some for their resort ... and promptly chased them away with her broom. That was late yesterday though, and I think they said something about staying in the local inn before leaving sometime today.
  11. What in ....? Why is everything all old fashiony?
  12. Y'all understand that Sweet Apple Acres is going to win this contest, right? I mean, you are looking at the best Buckball coach in Equestria. Waitaminnut .... Where's my cutie mark? Starlight! You mind explaining this?
  13. Hay! You know where I can find the salt in this here place? Applebloom has taken a liking to these dream deer and she wants to be neighborly and set up a salt lick wall or some such.

    Figure you blue names know where you keep your pantry stock.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Hey, there you are @Applejack:mlp_smug:

  14. Welcome to MLP Forums Applejack. :pinkie: