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  1. Grogar

    How many followers do you have on Poniverse?

    At present billions of souls bow follow my glory in Tambelon. Do you wish to be one of them?
  2. Welcome lesser beings. You been chosen as speakers of your tribes. I have selected two others as two of your tribes have been all but forgotten. Following the conclusion of your first contest, you will know what is being asked of you. Until then ... Princess Twilight has defeated the Element of Loyalty. As victor she may take one of her conquered opponent and bring them along to her team. I secure the others. You will cast your vote. Who is temporarily spared.
  3. Ah. Another follower. Tambalon accepts your sacrifice, and you will know the sense of joy that emptiness brings. After all, The darkness hides the cruelty of Equestria

    1. Dabmanz


      Are you a Deadric Prince? @Grogar just sounds like somthing a Deadra would say :P