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  1. The test is over, if you were given a chance to revisit your questions, send them in the next 24 hours and, thank you all for participating
  2. Good morning everycreature, today while i was making a test for my students at school, i decided to extend it to all of you. after publishing the friendship journal, even though it had ..mixed reviews, i know it also helped spread the lessons i learned, you'll have to answer 10 questions for this test, and since this is a kindness test, i'll lead by example and allow 1 mistake for free, so as long as you get 9 correct, you still pass Questions: 1. what did Fluttershy do to try and convince Twilight to give me the extra Grand Galoping Gala ticket? 2. how much wing power did Fluttershy measure on her first try? 3. how did Poison joke affect Fluttershy? 4. who did Fluttershy had to buy a gift for in "Best Gift Ever?" 5. what's the names of Fluttershy's parents? 6. how did Fluttershy find out where the foal's breath flowers grow? 7. what was Fluttershy's first Nightmare Night costume? 8. what did Fluttershy promised Discord in exchange for him fixing the flood in Sweet Apple Acres? 9. what made Fluttershy want to go to the Dragonlands? 10. what artifact did Fluttershy had to retrieve in order to help bring back the Pillars of Equestria? Once done, send your papers to me(@Fluttershy) Good luck and happy Kindness Day you have the usual 4 days to submit your answers
  3. uhm. hi everypony, i trust that you all got a nice dose of pet cuteness, or if you haven't had the chance, you can find them here. on another note, I've come to learn that sometimes we need a little push to get started, but there is music in all of us so i'd like to give that push with this event as my friends once did for me, no no no, don't run and hide, it doesn't have to be some big over the top performance, baby steps, it can be anything from singing to just music or even a simple humming of a melody, it can be an original piece but it can also be a cover or an altered song etc, just give it a try and who knows? maybe you too can find the music in you just post your entry in the coments there deadline is next week (Nov 20th) there will be a badge for all participants have fun
  4. Oh umm hi everypony. Today is kindness day. So @Twilight Sparkle suggested I take charge of things. Well I thought the best way to start off is showing everypony our cute and fluffy creatures we care for. Here is a lovely picture of me and Angel Bunny. Even if he can be a hoofful at times.
  5. "uhm, my droid is badly damaged so i don't know how much time i have for this transmission, i'm glad to say the preperations are almost complete for, ehm.. our secret mission, what we're trying to do is very dangerous and hasn't been done since ancient times, thank you all for your help may the force be with.." *recording ends abruptly*
  6. In order to qualify for this, all you need to do is send me the last two translations along with the requested things in this one.
  7. Oh gee I hope everypony can undertand what I found on Tython. Please ensure that a certain somepony does not know about this.
  8. Discord you bring back Jedishy right this instant mister! I told you no banishing anypony!
  9. Uhm.. hi hey there, i was asked to.. *sigh* I was asked to announce this contest, so listen up! if you want to.. as i was saying, i was selected to oversee this month's contest, since it involves around Pegasi and Breezies so here's how it works Contestants please choose one trait from each line, and combine them all in one character,(any visual media is accepted) then submit your entry here, if you don't mind Guard (Military-pony / Police-pony)Crazy / DrunkPegasus / Breezie you have until the end of november, good luck eh,.Twilight, can i go now? the winner will become the next Canterlot Artist(earn the rank for it) for one month(at which time the next one will take the title)
  10. oh umm hi everypony. I was just wondering if it's not too much trouble that is... could you share your favorite MLP pets and critters?
  11. Welcome to MLP Forums Fluttershy. :pinkie: