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  1. TransitPony

    Ponyville Ciderfest Featured On Fox News

    It's great to see a news report on a brony convention. It must have been a fun time being there!
  2. TransitPony

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    (Heads up spoilers ahead!)
  3. TransitPony

    What is your ethnicity(s)

    Dominican-American with some Spaniard in me.
  4. TransitPony

    What would MLP ponies think of actual horses?

    If the ponies saw real horses here, they'd be amazed of what they do here. But as for NYC, some would heavily criticize the ones in Central Park since they trot to their stables on the streets when they're not at work.
  5. TransitPony

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    So I've watched the season finale... It was great! Everything about Cozy Glow. The way she inherited power, cult of personality, it was just all great. The reactions to the loss of magic throughout Equestria reminded me of how people reacted to major events in world history. Also, it looks like the Tree of Harmony sees the Student Six as the next successors of the Mane Six looking how they possessed the tree's powers well. Great episode indeed. Who knows what Season 9 will bring us?
  6. I was born in March 2001, 2 and half months after George W. Bush was sworn in as president. Grew up throughout his entire presidency. I loved Obama when he was president and I was a supporter of him throughout elementary and middle school.
  7. TransitPony

    I like trains

    Recent train stuff from New York City in under 3 pictures. Pic 1. This was taken a few weeks ago (the last week of September) at Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn. To the left we see and a R160 (M) train passing by an R143 (J) train to the right. The middle track is used for express trains during rush hours (AM Manhattan-bound, PM Queens-bound). The station in the distance that (J) train is heading to is Lorimer Street station and further down the line after the tracks curve to the left is Hewes Street station. Pic 2. This was also taken a month ago. Here is a South Ferry-bound (1) train arriving at the WTC-Cortlandt station on the first day of it's re-opening, 9/8/2018. The stop had been destroyed from the debris of the towers during the 9/11 attacks, suspending the (1) & (9) line south of Chambers Street. It stayed closed once full service was restored in 2002. The MTA had to wait until the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and Silverstein Properties had re-built the site above the station. Pic 3. This one's from 4 months ago. Here's an R188 (7) train arriving at 74th Street-Broadway on a nice and hot day. The (7) train is one of the most famous subway lines on the network and is heavily loved among railfans here. CBTC signaling (an advanced signal system in use on the (L) train) is being installed throughout the line, and is expected to be completed at the end of the year.
  8. TransitPony

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Another great episode here. I really thought Sludge was Spike with the whole story with the past dragon king, but I was really unhappy when he showed his true face at the end. Seriously, Smolder is best dragon. She's been a great mentor of Spike in his phase of growing up. Also odd how the Mane 6 didn't see bs with the whole tale Sludge told them. BTW Twilight's reference to the hippogriffs and helping them defeat the Storm King reminded me that today is the 1st anniversary of the film's release.
  9. TransitPony

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    I heard this song last night on the radio, and it sounded nice.
  10. TransitPony

    Say something totally random!

    I checked out New York Comic Con today after an early dismissal. I wanna go inside badly! Too bad all the tickets for this weekend are sold out.
  11. TransitPony

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    Great episode. Funny how AJ took the rugged path while Fluttershy found a short cut. Autumn Blaze is my new favorite character. The voice actor of Blaze did a great job. I love to see a story of the Kirins from deep in the past.
  12. TransitPony

    Spoiler S08:E22 - What Lies Beneath

    Watched this episode, it was pretty good! I never expected the Tree of Harmony having a role here. So much character development, I love it. What Twilight said about the Elements in the beginning reminded me of the existence of the Chaos Emeralds (background info unknown, who made it or where it's from but it plays a role in major events). Cozy Glow though. I have a feeling she could be a part of a conspiracy to take down the School of Friendship after all.
  13. TransitPony

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    This here. I remember watching it over and over again. Never got old of it and I loved the song too. I wish to relive those days again. Good times.
  14. If a 7th element existed, it be to Starlight Glimmer. She has changed from her old ways as an evil tyrant and has helped out a few ponies here and there.
  15. TransitPony

    The number of times Ponyville is mentioned by name

    In multiple occasions in all of the seasons.