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  1. If Sunset Shimmer did not turn evil, she still would have been Celestia’s student studying magic and come across Twilight as an alicorn. Shimmer being in the human world would have never happened at all. I doubt Shimmer would become the head of state herself and stay a private citizen. If she ever was a full time head of state up to Celestia’s level, we would have had a very different timeline in the show (*a butterfly effect*).
  2. Brian, Dennis, Mike and Carl. What is the least populated country in Europe?
  3. Here in NYC, there's a story about a stop called 76th Street apparently located east of Euclid Avenue of the IND Fulton Street Line (today's (A) and (C) trains) in the area where Brooklyn borders Queens. This mysterious stop was apart of a planned subway extension towards eastern Queens to the city border meeting Nassau County, Long Island that never materialized. Story goes that it was only open for a month in 1948, and it was closed down by the city because the station was built by construction workers who weren't unionized and other suspicious behavior. It doesn't physically exist in real life, however, people have claimed to have seen it (the said witnesses have all passed away) and the layup area east of Euclid Avenue where (C) trains turn to go back to Manhattan has non-functional signals facing the cinderblock walls. Also in the area around Euclid Avenue is a place called The Hole, one of the lowest lying areas of the city. It is run down, barley just a few houses there with a few residents. The rest of it is grassland, unpaved streets and abandoned vehicles. Flooding is a normal occurrence here as it not connected to the sewer system (there was an attempt back in 2004 to connect the area with the rest of the city, but it never succeeded). The Hole has a notorious history for being a mafia dumping ground, and it's stated that there are numerous murders that took place in The Hole that were never solved.
  4. Here's mine: EG is essentially an alternate universe where the Mane Six and Twilight live normal lives, they aren't in a high position of government like in the main show. It's also the place where Sunset Shimmer lived in exile due to her turning evil on Celestia until the events of the first EG movie.
  5. RD's story is one of the best backstories of the Six. The fact that she managed to do a rainboom even though she was scared to participate in the competition shows a form of bravery, and of how the boom gave the other members their cutie marks without them even knowing it. The very events of the whole show might have never happened if Dash never took that race.
  6. Wow, almost 10 years in production. Strange considering 6-7 years ago, the 3DS was the most popular thing around. Everybody had one. It's gonna be missed by many gamers, especially now since video gaming is preparing to enter the new generation, one without the CD or card slot.
  7. Voted on number 8. I'm cool with more Coco if that emote wins.
  8. I recommend you listen to more of the Rat Pack. These guys are legends.
  9. Forgotten hit from 2007 that was made by two music artists who used to be big back in the day when this was released.
  10. For me it's Sonic X, Dragon Ball Z Kai and Gintama are the longest animes I have watched.
  11. This is a huge development on regards to G5. Looks like Hasbro has the early 2020s all set to go. Now it's a wait and see of whether or not this plan will come to fruition. Things can change between now and the release date of the movie.
  12. I'm not so sure. It's a possibility though if the historical scroll that Pinkie read says otherwise. If the Pie family and the Apple are related, it means Big Mac, Apple Bloom and Applejack has a much bigger family than originally known.
  13. It doesn't feel or seem dead to me. Just some parts of it are not used as much, however, it's far from dying or even dead. People are still posting here daily as far as I can see. I wonder if there will be any future events tbh, that would not be a bad idea to keep the site more active.
  14. If internet and TV were taken away from me, I wouldn't be able to know much of the outside world and be basically living under a rock. In terms of TV though, I have been watching less and less traditional TV in the past few years (cable TV) and more on watching online content. There's just nothing to watch on cable television anymore. It wasn't the behemoth it once was in the 2000s and early 2010s. I wonder how watching TV will be like a few years from today now that everybody is dropping cable and the old channels/national networks are starting to begin the major transition to full time streaming.