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  1. Cowboy Bebop. I started to watch an episode to pass the time at home, I got hooked on it and watched the rest of the show, now I am a fan. Session 24 is my favorite episode. Spike and Radical Edward are my favorite characters.
  2. I would say no because it was stated from the show's beginnings that Rainbow Dash was not a lesbian when the media pointed out her mane style/hair, tail and tomboy personality. As others have said, I'm totally cool with AppleDash if that's your thing. I would see Applejack having met a male pony, marrying him, and later got divorced and I would see RD settling down with Soarin.
  3. Snow is often common here but not as much as it used to be. 2010 was our last real blizzard. Since then it's been nothing but snow squals and then back to work. There were a few times in 2014 we had to go school because the snow was that bad, but out Mayor thought otherwise...
  4. Even more Dash!!!! 1st one; source: 2nd one; source: 3rd one; source: 4th one; source: The last one since her EG version has been getting a ton of mention here as of late. Source:
  5. Who'd knew Fluttershy could be the perfect pony to do some awesome things. Source for art below: Source for art below: Source for art below: Source for art below:
  6. NYC Transit Forums was the first forum site I ever joined, it was around late 2013-early 2014. The website is dedicated to the discussion of train and buses in New York City as well as the surrounding areas throughout the Tri-State area and other topics. During that time, many transit enthusiasts posted train/bus photos and videos there especially after a fan trip took place.
  7. Sonic, do you maintain a friendship with Silver and Shadow? If so, how it's been?
  8. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I often make sure I stay clean as much as possible so I don't smell like crap. Being dirty constantly is not good for your image in the long run. Also, I greet people in a formal manner so I can have a good first impression.
  9. Yes, she is the same as she was in the human world. More than likely, Shimmer just wanted to stop by and say hi.
  10. I've had the same thoughts as well. Having doubts about this fandom when I first read of bronies was the biggest mistake I ever made because a part of me inside then was thinking to myself "well damn, I like this stuff." I've been almost into this for about almost 2 years now (since early 2018 start of Season 8) and looking back at the early 2010s I really did miss out on a lot of stuff. Now I'm pretty nervous about the future of the fandom, that people are gonna give up and leave now that's it's all over.
  11. Fun facts about New York State, the state where I live in -Southern part of the state has the most extensive transit network in the US (subway, bus and commuter rail). It also has some of the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere (One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building as examples) and the world's oldest train tunnel in Brooklyn dating to 1844. -The city of Rochester used to have it's own subway system from 1927 to 1956 and it consisted of interurban rail cars for the operation. -Buffalo also it's own rail line that is being planned for extensions. The city itself is located right next to the Canadian border, and it is a 20-30 minute drive from the city to Niagara Falls (which has been hit by poverty and decline for many decades although things are slowly improving). -The northern part of the state has many forests and wilderness places. -It is surrounded by five states.
  12. Ponies pre-FiM was taken in my eyes as something I will never ever enjoy. Too girly, too boring to be interested in. Then this show came along, and it changed my outlook on that perception. Now, here I am wearing pony shirts, collecting comic books and pins, and meeting people.
  13. 2001 Male Blue
  14. What a great ending to an incredible series. I was at a meetup that was showing the finale (which felt like a convention since alot of folks were vendoring at the event). I was pretty somewhat surprised of how the characters age pretty quickly into the future. Canterlot rebuilt looks more like a cosmopolitan city with all the creatures inhabiting the place. The flashback was pretty tense to say the lease. I feared the whole group was gonna break up, but it's good to see they did not let the failure of Twilight's coronation affect the Mane Six's friendship. The ending was emotional to the core. I almost cried as the last song was being played. Some people were crying as Luster Dawn headed off into the distance with the book closed. Overall, this was an experience I will never forget. There's never gonna be another show like this again in terms of the internet, pop culture and in our current lifetime. That's what I'm wondering too. Faust did say at the beginning when she was in the production team that Dash wasn't a lesbian...