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  1. Long time no post here (wow, it's been that long...) The recent episode was pretty good. The character development among Fluttershy and Angel is something I was truly impressed by. The two seeing each others shoes highlights the common miscommunication experience in a high-stress job like managing a safe haven for animals (Fluttershy's main job). I'm not gonna lie, Angel is surely charismatic in getting the animals to do things his way when he was in Fluttershy's body. Oh, and on another note, it was great to see Zecora in action again. It's been a while since we've seen her on screen.
  2. How's your job as a police officer going along?
  3. I've haven't been to speed with MLP of late as I have been focused on Aggretsuko and Codename: Kids Next Door (reliving childhood) as of late, but no matter. This episode was great. The tension of Celestia and Luna is highlighted as well as the pressure of the Mane Six when they're left to run Canterlot. Celestia and Luna also did alot of back and forth work assistance to Ponyville (i.e. getting things out of the way before retirement). Clearly shows that alot of work needs to be done before Twilight becomes head-of-state. I'm surprised how some the places the princesses visited people didn't mind them. Also, anyone else notice the tension between Princess Twilight and Prince Blueblood? Seems like he doesn't trust her somewhat even though Celestia and Luna Other than that, a good episode of the season by far.
  4. Didn't expect this coming (read the news before I went to sleep), but wow, we're seeing the G4 we know and love truly come to an end. I am looking forward to what Boulder Media has for the upcoming special they made.
  5. Minecraft has made history today by replacing Tetris as the holder for best selling video game of all time. This was announced by Mojang 2 days after the game celebrated it's 10th anniversary. Your thoughts on this news? To me, it's amazing to see this game start off as a Java-applet to a pop culture legend. One would know it's even impossible now to not imagine video gaming without Minecraft.
  6. Very great episode here. One thing that's clear here is that neither Glow, Chrysalis and Tirek don't trust Grogar. They're planning something big to have to themselves. I'm guessing they're either gonna team up with Grogar first before betraying him or they're just gonna screw him over and fight the Mane Six themselves.
  7. The reason alot of people are leaving the fandom before G5 commences is because, well, we don't know how it's gonna turn out. Frankly looking at how FiM was in terms of production, there were some things that worked beyond Hasbro's control and they didn't like that. Plus, this is a phenomenon that will never be witnessed again in our lifetime. The way it was done, the way things came to be, it all just fell into place. Reminds of me listening to this song and how it brought me back of the golden days of YouTube as well as the internet as a whole and how I was a fortunate witness to that era.
  8. Discussion thread on Japan's new era, Reiwa. The current era, Heisei, will end this Tuesday. Akihito will abdicate the throne after 30 years as Japan's emperor. His son Naruhito will become the new emperor of Japan. The last time an emperor ever abdicated in Japan was in 1817 (202 years ago). Photo overview of Akhitio and his life in the Japanese royal family: Info about the upcoming emperor:'s-new-emperor-naruhito-a-cosmopolitan-team-player What are your thoughts on this? For me, Heisei will be looked back on as a memorable childhood when us Westerners experienced the golden age of Japanese pop culture. I'm hoping Reiwa will bring positive fortunes to the people of Japan as they have been through alot of hard times as of late.
  9. Posting here with a historical note. Shown here are subway cars built by the Kawasaki Rail Car company during the Heisei era currently serving the NYC metro area. The era is ending this Tuesday when Akihito abdicates the throne after 30 years as the Emperor of Japan. His son Naruhito will ascend the throne afterwards, thus commencing the Reiwa era. I felt to give these a mention as a farewell to childhood; I grew up with these subway cars during Heisei and the end of this era will be something to look back on.
  10. Well, this episode was pretty nice to say the least. The tree has a ecology structure based on friendship and unity. In other words, the tree needed new groups of creatures to help bring it to a new era in Equestria's history (i.e. Twilight becoming head-of-state). One only imagines of the more challenges the Student Six face as we carry on into this season.
  11. Well my God, best season opener ever!!! This is gonna be a crazy one to never forget. Now we have to see how the students will face in the next episode. Also, the ending of the concerned laughing of the other three villains tells they are not so sure about this. Grogar has bigger plans for himself...
  12. This song perfectly fits the mood for the trailer. I can'r believe it's gonna be all over at the end of this year.