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  1. TransitPony

    HarmonyCon bomb threat

    Last night a bomb and hostage threat was called in to HarmonyCon in Texas. The hotel where the con is being hosted was evacuated. No one was hurt though. Here is some Twitter posts Thank God everyone is alright, but it made me angry to say the least. When will people show some respect?
  2. I think yes. Why? Because idiots want to spread bullshit to make fun of people they don't like! It's so annoying, you get tired of it overtime and you wonder if it will ever stop but it'll never stop because just like how the furries are treated, some idiots in the media spread those lies and all that nonsense to start drama.
  3. TransitPony

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Hooked on some Latin music.
  4. TransitPony

    What accomplishment are you proud of?

    Being able to travel by myself. Due to being a special needs student (specifically autism), I had to ride the school bus to and from school. Learning how to travel by myself gives a sense of independence and preparation for what lies ahead growing up.
  5. TransitPony

    What do you want from Season 9 in a big pictured scale?

    More CMC (Gabby included) having more responsible roles in the season. Maybe something serious shows up and it's up to them to stop it.
  6. TransitPony

    General New Year Resolutions

    What I'm doing for 2019: -Enjoy the last year of this decade (the 2010s) while I can. -More on top of college stuff and hopefully get into the one I want to go to. -Do a ton of photography with my new camera (once I get that).
  7. TransitPony

    Who is the mare statue on the Ponyville fountain?

    I think that the statue is a commemoration of Ponyville's first visitor or a reference to the Renaissance//Neoclassical/Roman revival statues seen throughout the rest of the world.
  8. I'll tune in on the party as a way to pass the time on Christmas Eve. I'm praying that I sleep well considering I have lots and lots of gifts I cannot wait to unwrap.
  9. TransitPony

    Nicole Dubuc Q&A

    Good evening Ms. Dubuc! An honor for me to a be a part of this Q&A. I have these questions for you: -What is the most favorite episode you worked on? and... -Have you considered doing voice acting?
  10. Whoooo this is gonna be awesome!!!
  11. TransitPony

    Name an iconic duo

    Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails the Fox.
  12. TransitPony

    Animation Could the Loud House dethrone Spongebob?

    It depends. I am surprised Spongebob has yet to be canceled by Nickelodeon as cartoons welcome in the 2020s. In fact, Spongebob SquarePants is the only cartoon show from the 1990s that's still making new seasons and episodes. If Spongebob ever ends, I imagine millions of people from all over the world watching the series finale and Spongebob himself deliver a speech thanking everyone for all the memories and reflect on how fast time has passed since it first aired.
  13. TransitPony

    Ponyville Ciderfest Featured On Fox News

    It's great to see a news report on a brony convention. It must have been a fun time being there!
  14. TransitPony

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    (Heads up spoilers ahead!)
  15. TransitPony

    What is your ethnicity(s)

    Dominican-American with some Spaniard in me.