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  1. This is a major date to look forward to. If there ends up being anything major revealed about G5, it will be huge.
  2. Another pin set has also been announced. U.S. and Canada only. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/01/nintendo_is_releasing_another_limited_supply_pin_set_for_super_marios_35th_anniversary
  3. Twilight Sparkle saying pudding in the 2018 winter special.
  4. More info I read from that EQD article says that the animatic was made by a person who used to work for Boulder Media a few years ago. With that being the case and with G5 set for release sometime this year to next year, it looks more like a cancelled project for G4 right before the series ended, but that's just my guess.
  5. I'd say Twilight. Honestly, Twilight. Even though she's a nerd and is ready to put up a fight, she does have the characteristics of Celestia, learning from her, and applying the lessons at work throughout the show. Leadership's a big trait of Twilight too.
  6. The impact will only be short but traumatizing. As the Mane Six is well known across town, it would take a while for the citizens to see that they are not the bad ponies as perceived to be.
  7. Source: https://www.deviantart.com/harwicks-art/art/CMC-Forever-716007076 CMC Forever!
  8. I'm not into the show, but seeing the huge success it has received in such a short amount of time, I'd say Adult Swim or streaming services. It'll more likely be the latter as traditional broadcasting is going to the wayside in terms of the cartoon industry, kids and adult fans are flocking to watch the shows more on YouTube or Netflix, and as the Animaniacs revival has shown, there's much more viewership there than on traditional television, although it was reported that A24 studios had picked it up to be a fully animated TV series a few months ago, so we'll what happens.
  9. I felt pretty stressed out, to put it simply. I was one of many people who wanted to do alot of things this year that got halted by the pandemic. I would always get anxious when I read bad news about the situation at hand. I even was scared to the point that will never end. I do feel happy with the recent vaccines being rolled out; that gives me hope that there might be better days ahead after all. Hopefully it's just a few more months of this...
  10. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Lupin the Third Part 5 and Codename: Kids Next Door. So yeah, I watched a fair bit of anime this year.
  11. Star Swirl, how well are you adjusting to modern life (television, radio, the internet, etc) ?
  12. The answer is no from the looks of it. I recently went to TrotCon Snow Day online and the evening Pony Fest concert that was held just this weekend, and there were many many people in the Pony Town server. I read a tweet from one of the musicians that stated one of the streams crashed because of so many people tuning in. Plus this site is still chugging along as well. So no, I highly doubt this fandom is going away anytime soon.
  13. I might have said this somewhere else in the forum, but the reason why Friendship is Magic got so popular is because it was a show with great writing and characters that really was able to connect with audiences of all ages, a show that managed to successfully master broadcast television and streaming (which was a growing medium at the time it first debuted; I remember reading through the comments of the EQD article for the Season 2 finale episode from many years ago, and one of these comments stated the show was getting popular through Netflix), a show that brought together talented voice act
  14. Gabby. She is very underrated as a character. Gabby would make a great addition to the CMC. She would have been up to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo's level in terms of popularity.
  15. From where I reside, no, it's not dangerous. There is a mix of longtime restaurants and new businesses here. But back when I was a little child, it was a dangerous place. My mom told me a story about cops who were trying to catch some criminals on the street below and the criminals got away.
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