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  1. Meep.

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    2. Califorum


      I can only really answer that in full, and I already have in my statuses and my most recent blog.

    3. Synniken


      Yeah, I read through most of your updates earlier while going through my notifications. They really build up when I'm gone for so long at a time 

    4. Califorum


      I really missed you...

  2. I see you are ther :P . Hope you don’t leave shortly :c

    1. Synniken


      Oh god, I'm so sorry I didn't see your post! December has really been a busy month for me, I can barely find time to be on :please:

      I hope you're doing well, my friend. I'd love to talk to you again soon.:fluttershy:

      Merry Christmas! ^_^

  3. Synniken

    Do you like walking at night?

    I enjoy walking in the night, or speisifically in the dark. It's sort of both calming and exciting at the same time. I'll walk around for an hour while listening to music, and sometimes I'll take a quick trip through the woods just for the excitement. Did it a lot during the summer until we heard on the news that some young girl had died nearby and my parents told me they didn't want me going out so late anymore. But now it's turning winter and it gets dark sooner, so I might start again sometime soon.
  4. I see you :wacko: . Your disguise isn’t very good :P 

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    2. Synniken


      Oh, darn it, I guess I'll have to step up my game :huh:

    3. BronyNumber2


      *watches from the bushes"

    4. WWolf


      *has bush vision :fabulous:*

  5. Trick or treat?

    1. Synniken


      Here you go my friend!

    2. TheRockARooster


      Hehehe, there you go too, my friend. ^^

  6. Trick or treat (candy reaction please). :twismile:

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    2. BronyNumber2


      Thanks. Keep replying and we can give each other candies and get to 100. :sunbutt:

    3. Synniken


      Ooh, is there some sort of count going on? :o 

    4. BronyNumber2


      Yes get 100 and tell Luna here


  7. Synniken

    A to Z of Fictional Characters

    Uncle Ben from Spiderman.
  8. Synniken

    September Art Contest Winners

    I'm probably a bit late, I sent mine in late at night and thought for sure I'd missed the deadline, and having been rather busy all week, I didn't think to check who'd won until now Everyone's artwork looks so cool! I'll always be jealous at anyone who can draw backgrounds, hehe.
  9. Synniken

    The recent purchases thread

    I recenlty bought around 60 dollars worth of office supplies just because I like office supplies. Post-it notes, paper, pens, markers, glue, tape are examples of the stuff I got. I had the best time that day.
  10. Didn’t know you won an art contest; good job :ooh: . You are a great artist after all :proud: . What drawing did you enter :wacko: ?

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    2. WWolf


      Ooh can I see :ooh: ?

    3. Synniken


      Here you go, my friend :squee: 


    4. WWolf


      Oooh that sure looks noice :ooh: .They're partying like its 1999 :wacko: . Well done :proud: