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  1. Hope you're doing okay buddy! 


  2. thank you zayfen for the prize

  3. Zayfen

    General Name the Tank Game

    Thanks, y'all! I'm really glad I participated in it and the fun I've had from it is the best reward I could as for! So I've decided to give the prize to somepony else since I feel like there is a chance someone else would appreciate it more than I would. I figured, since most of the other names did tie, I'd give it to somepony who, in my opinion, came up with the most creative name out of the five! I think Poncific was the one to fit that description the most even though I found all of them wonderful and unique. So the prize would go to @DEFENDER for coming up with that name! And with that, I'd like to say congratulation! Not just to them but to everyone who participated in the contest! Without y'all, it wouldn't have been possible to enjoy this as much as I did!
  4. Zayfen

    NightMare Night

    The shadows are lurking around, against them you won't last a round. Wear a cloak like mine and trust me, you shall be fine. The darkness is a stressful place for one to wander, but once you find that glimmering light you'll feel better.
  5. Hey there! Awesome banner, mate! :mlp_smug:

    1. PINOYPONY_30


      Thanks! :mlp_smile:

      I submitted a few more banners so hopefully they make the cut 

  6. Hey y'all! How have ya been doing this week! Mine's been full of unexpected events ...good and bad... But fortunately, I was able to get through them without much trouble! Hope y'all are having a pleasant week!


    1. Zayfen


      Oh whoops, sorry about that! Meant to post it my profile. I hate it when that happen...

  7. Hello everyone! Hope y'all are having a wonderful Monday even tho we all know it's far from being it's main definition! :mlp_laugh:

    If you've got free time on your hands, why not check this out? 

    I guarantee you it's worth it! :mlp_smug:

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    2. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      Good morning mate!

      Hope you're having an awesome Monday as well!

    3. Zayfen


      Thank you all! Really appreciate it! :mlp_yeehaa:

      @Arc Flash No problem, partner! It's the least I can do! :mlp_icwudt:

    4. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      Heyo! I’ll check it out! :P 

  8. Zayfen

    General Name the Tank Game

    @Trix or Treat?'s Seaquestria definitely sounds great but how about Aquastria? I've also managed to come up with Hippocanterlot and Nauti-cloudsdale!
  9. Heya mate! Here's the first page of my comic I promised you!



    1. Zayfen


      Nice, partner! Gotta give ya credit for making it on paper and nailing it on first try! 

  10. Good morning everyone! How are y'all doing? :mlp_proud:



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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Good Morning! I'm doing pretty good so far.



    3. Tacodidra


      Good morning! :D I'm alright at the moment, I hope you are too! :kindness:

    4. Zayfen


      @Tacodidra, @Cash In Happy to hear it! I'd say Im doing pretty good, thanks! :mlp_proud:

  11. Hmm, something's not right... did I forget someth... Oh... my energy seems to be depleting incredibly fast and I might want to hit the bed if I don't wanna gameover myself!... Wait, what am I talking about, I'm perfectly fi... zzz... zzz... Wha! wha... Oh yeah... Huh... Wish y'all a great day/night and hope ... I can see you again... zzz... tomorrow!... yes, tomorrow... *ahem* Anyway, see ya... *thunk*



    1. AJ2489


      Goodnight my friend! 
      Sweet dreams!

    2. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :D

    3. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      G’night, man! :) 

  12. Zayfen

    Tell us a truth about yourself?

    Having a hard time with something is somewhat reassuring to me because then I can see where the problem is.
  13. Thx for follow. ;o

    1. Zayfen


      No probs, mate! :mlp_smug:

  14. Zayfen

    The above avatar represents the Element of...

    Element of sovereignty
  15. Happy 8th anniversary MLP!! Hope y'all are enjoying this special day! I wish for it to continue for all eternity! :mlp_pinkie:

    Phew, I think I also know someone who should get some sleep. Good night everyone! 



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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Yep, it's certainly a momentous day. It will continue as long as it needs to do, even after the show is finished. 

      Good Night! 

    3. Zayfen


      @Cash In Well said, partner! If 8 years are not enough to stop it, then surely nothing will! :mlp_yay:

    4. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      Happy 8th anniversary, MLP indeed! :D Looking forward to whatever the future brings. :)