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  1. i had to be gone last time and Lyra was really worried, so this year i decided that not even Celestia herself can keep me away to make up for it(thankfully she didn't try), that said, i'm afraid we decided to just spend the day together with not too much of a fuss, sometimes simple things help friendships more than a big party or present ever could. don't worry though, there's still some stuff for you to do to celebrate this day, we have a photo album that needs sorting, so maybe you could help with that (post the pics of your favorite Bon Bon and Lyra moments bellow, oh, and there are 2 new emotes that will be staying even after the event, so there's also that, and of course, there'll be a new hug a pony badge tomorrow, but let's not rush into that one, today is still today after all)
  2. Welcome to MLP Forums Bon Bon. :pinkie: