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  1. she has been found! thank you @DivineKnight1000 and thanks to everyone else for helping with the invitations
  2. "Oh thank Luna! Somepony got an invitation. Look, today is mine and Lyra's wedding day. All of our close friends here in ponyville are supposed to attend. Unfortunately Derpy Hooves didn't tell anypony that today was her day off. So can you help a mare out and get these invitations around? Also, have you seen Lyra? no pony seems to be able to locate her and I haven't seen hide nor horn of her since yesterday. I'd just like our wedding to only be half the crazy of Crank and Matilda's was. Is that too much to ask? maybe she's checking on the wedding preperations again so that's where i'd start looking send the invitation badge to everyone you can and search through the forums to find Lyra or somepony who knows where she is
  3. i had to be gone last time and Lyra was really worried, so this year i decided that not even Celestia herself can keep me away to make up for it(thankfully she didn't try), that said, i'm afraid we decided to just spend the day together with not too much of a fuss, sometimes simple things help friendships more than a big party or present ever could. don't worry though, there's still some stuff for you to do to celebrate this day, we have a photo album that needs sorting, so maybe you could help with that (post the pics of your favorite Bon Bon and Lyra moments bellow, oh, and there are 2 new emotes that will be staying even after the event, so there's also that, and of course, there'll be a new hug a pony badge tomorrow, but let's not rush into that one, today is still today after all)
  4. That ... was close. I gone hoof to fin with a kraken, taken down a pack of timberwolves, and survived a Changeling invasion ... but this Lyra ... It was like, being engulfed with your worst day gone ... bad. I couldn't find you. I think I know why we are trapped here. Sweet Celestia I hope I am wrong. I need to speak Princess Twilight, and the others now. This isn't a game of Buckball hun. Not anymore. Let's go.
  5. Welcome to MLP Forums Bon Bon. :pinkie: