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  1. awww, how sweet, *hugs* you know what, i'm so happy right now i could hug everypony but it's beyond me so i asign this task to you all, hug each other on my behalf, on your behalf, on behalf of all equestria, whatever, just share this wonderful gesture that a hug is (there is a new Hug badge you can give to eachother here)
  2. Hey, everypony! In honor of St Patricks Day, you can share a mug of green cider with somepony special or just to spread the cheer! While we are sharing green things what are your favorite foods and recipes for today be they green or not?
  3. BON BON! I'm coming hold on! Oh mare .... please please please be okay!
  4. She's going to be at this all day, isn't she? Oh well, I'll just be here sipping on my bevvy.
  5. Klugetown for the win! Also, how in the hay did I end up on a team that didn't have Bon Bon? 
  6. Wait. Did we work together? How do you know so much about me? And yes I went through a hands phase ... but it's mostly out of my system now. Mostly.
  7. WHAT? You have GOT to be kidding me. I have to wait until morning? sigh. I'll be up and looking for Bon Bon at 9:00 AM EST .... you had better be on to help Jeric!
  8. *facehoof* Really Bon-Bon? We had plans you know. PLANS!
  9. Welcome to MLP Forums Lyra Heartstrings. :pinkie: