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    i-i like fluttershy...
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  1. The way that I see it, I will continue to provide for the fandom until it no longer exists. By that point, I'll be at least well known enough to continue on with my own devices. However, this isn't to say that the fandom won't blossom into an independent community as the Furry community is. If that happens, I will stay for as long as I am able.
  2. Miti

    Where do you normally sit on the sofa?

    i have two sofas... a two seat and a three seat. i-i sit next to it. they... aren't comfortable, in my opinion.
  3. Ooh, you like D&D too?

    1. Miti


      i do!  i mostly play 5th edition ~ ♥

    2. Totally Spicy BronyNumber 2A

      Totally Spicy BronyNumber 2A

      I don't play 5th. I collect 1st and 2nd.

  4. more drawings, and even an animation! ♥
  5. Miti

    Favorite fan songs?

    my absolute favourite pony related song would have to be [ forest rain's "great to be different" ] ~ ♥ my favourite mlp adaptation, however would have to be [ duo cartoonist's adaptation of ][ erutan music's adaptation of ][ james horner's "come little children" ]
  6. maybe i should learn latin...

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    2. PathfinderCS


      @Miti Probably not a bad idea at all; especially with you! <3

    3. Miti


      @PathfinderCS you're so sweet 271804314148667393.png wanna go over it on discord?~

    4. PathfinderCS


      @Miti You're the sweeter one here. ^///^ Of course we can~ I might be a tad busy or distracted as I am at work right now, but we can see what can be done~

  7. Miti

    Art Contest Begins

    i-i'm not the best artist, but i can work on my craft for this contest!
  8. update once again.... i-i'm debating opening comissions soon! th-though, i wouldn't be hosting them here, as i don't think my art is *that* good yet
  9. i forgot to update this thread! i'm so sorry >< here are the two images i've drawn since my last posting:
  10. my drawing tablet came in today, so i decided to try it out... this is the result~
  11. Miti

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    [username redacted] 24.8.2018, 8:54 (02s) I’m so bad at it but damn ima try
  12. Miti

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    4.8.2018, 21:18 (10s) I'd love that more than anything right now...
  13. Miti

    Are unicorn horns covered in fur?

    being a giant nerd and studying anatomy, it would be on par with that of your teeth, but without falling out. It's hardened calcium, which theoretically plays as a good conductor of magic! this is also why the spa ponies can use a file on horns, as any conductor used in open air can build up residue over a period of time. it would be akin to brushing your teeth to have your horn filed. i assume the horn being the same colour as the coat being just ease for the animation team, as standard unicorns have white horns almost eternally, since that is the standard colour of bones or teeth.
  14. another update... i-i drew this one just this morning ~
  15. Miti

    General Music preference!

    i enjoy almost all types of music! right now, however, i'm into a kind soothing type of music, such as [hi you're cool, wanna get bubble tea?] and [Andrew Huang's "Hiding" demo].