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  1. I've always wondered, was Starlight Glimmer a genius who came up with the way to build a utopia in the desert, or was she mad, her anger clouding her better judgement, her past experiences twisting her thoughts? Honestly, I think it was a bit of both, and the idea was brilliant, but the execution was botched by her belief that she was better than everypony. With proper management, her idea had great promise. If course, the magic she possesses is unique, as would be impossible to find elsewhere. But enough about what I think! What do you think?
  2. So I recently heard about gen 5, and I was shocked. I had known there were last generations, but I never thought of this one ending. I have set up a poll, asking your opinion. Feel free to explain your answer, and share any other thoughts of concern you might have about the next generation.
  3. I make her build a new house, and then leave her in the forest to the timberwolves.
  4. Thanks, that is a way better name.
  5. I would go into hiding, spreading the trend, and then sit back and laugh at the chaos I caused.
  6. You have to admit that it fits the evidence!
  7. Okay, nobody panic, but I just realized something! Ponies use glue in several episodes... Glue is sometimes made using horses... COULD THE CITIZENS OF PONYVILLE BE USING CORPSES IN THEIR ARTS AND CRAFTS?! This would explain the lack of a graveyard in Ponyville... What do you think?
  8. You are going about your daily life, when suddenly, someone knocks you unconcious, and when you wake up, you find yourself in a room with a small screen. As you struggle, you find that you've been tied to a chair. The screen comes to life, and an electronically distorted voice fills the cramped room. "Greetings , my name is Kilo Byte" it says, " I have kidnapped you because of one thing... Equality." You must have looked confused, because Kilo began to elaborate. " Do you think it's fair that unicorns and pegusi have special powers, but earth ponies get stuck with nothing?" He asks "We need to put tighter restrictions on ponies, and the only way to do that is with equalist ideas. Therefore it is, the crux of the matter. Kilo Byte must be an equalist. "I brought you here today," he continues, "To show you how amazing equalism is. You will be placed in a room, and other people will arrive. Some will be equalists, others not. You have to find the equalists, and expose the non-equalists. Oh, and one more thing, don't use the word "yes" or "no." If you do, I can guarantee you won't like what happens.