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    What is your worst habit? biggest enemy...
  2. I was just listening to some rawstyle music and I thought, what are others minds on this genre of electronic go on and post your opinions and ideas. I'll leave here some links for songs with this genre if you actually never heard about this or don't know how it sounds...
  3. Well, I was learning Aikido when I was a child so I still got some fighting techniques in my mind, that can be a strategy and also close combat and I really like shooting also with long ranged weapons and close ranged weapons. I really like to cook, I think that can be helpfull. I have got no problem with medical help (not doing a surgeon or something similar) but probably be able to do only basic heals as bondaging. I also learned how to shoot with bow so if nothing will be close by at least I can make a bow and try to survive with it.