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  1. G3 Sparkleworks Back in the early 2000's. Then I discovered the rest of the G2 and G3 ponies and got hooked When FiM first came out, I saw toys of Pinkie and Rainbow Dash in Toys R Us and my first thought was "What did they do to you, poor things?!" Lol, obviously my opinion of G4 has changed since then.
  2. Definitely season 1. I almost never rewatch any episodes from that season, except maybe the pilot. I remember back when I was first getting into FiM, I was pretty much ready to give up on the show after that Best Night Ever season finale.
  3. I wouldn't have minded at all. Star Catcher feels like she could easily have been an alicorn -- just something about her personality, not to mention the fact that her design was already so different compared to the others. They released a line of "sort-of-alicorns" in G2 with those unicorns with the detachable wings: That's a really cool idea for explaining alicorn births, but I was pretty sure G3.5 isn't canon to the rest of G3?
  4. I feel like Fluttershy would definitely have a yellow blade -- the color of the Jedi Sentinels and usually symbolizing protection and defense.
  5. I'd love to see Thistle Whistle and Sunny Daze return. But since this series is almost over, I want them to wait until G5 and bring them back in more prominent roles.
  6. Probably not. Actually, definitely not. But if they could make Jarvis from the MCU a reality, then I'd certainly take one of those!
  7. If you took Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle and combined their personality traits, that's me. My best friend is literally just Fluttershy in real life. And I often hear people saying that they picked their favorite character because they can relate to them really well. So, yes, I think it's more than likely that there are a lot of real-life people with the Mane 6 ponies' personalities.
  8. A day celebrating the Princess of Friendship? 100% in favor of it! Plus, the new emotes are adorable!
  9. That video is so awesome and adorable! I love the fact that they put Twilight as Danny. XD Also, Happy 35th Anniversary!
  10. Yeah, I've been saying that for awhile now. It made sense when Netflix came out because it had so much stuff on it for one cost. Then it caught on big and now everyone wants their own streaming service. What they don't seem to realize is that Netflix was worth the price when it had so many movies and shows on it. But spending between $5 and $25 per service for dozens of services, and just to get a few things per company, isn't going to work for most people. It feels like they're self-sabotaging the streaming service market.
  11. That's like saying "Well, I want to own this action figure but it's outrageous that the toy company is charging for their products, so I'm just gonna steal it off the shelf. Since I don't agree with them charging for toys, that makes it morally okay." Yeah, no. Stealing is still stealing. Hasbro asks that they get paid to keep making this show that we enjoy, so I don't think it's so unreasonable to do that. If you feel differently, that's your choice. But you don't have to be so sarcastic just because some of us don't feel comfortable with condoning illegal activity. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Back on topic, I'm hoping Netflix will still renew their Hasbro cartoons. If not, I'm assuming it's because they plan to release their shows on some other platform? Everyone else is launching their own streaming services, maybe Hasbro is jumping on the bandwagon?
  12. Yes, but Netflix is one of the only legal ways to watch MLP, other than spending a fortune on DVDs. That's why it'll be so upsetting if it disappears from Netflix. I can't afford to buy all the DVDs right now, so I'd be stuck without the show for a long while until I can collect all the seasons.
  13. Discord and Trixie were hilarious. (Also, Fluttercord is always adorable!) Every Little Thing She Does
  14. So glad to see a G3 appreciation thread on here! It's easily my favorite generation and it's so disheartening to see it constantly bashed by other pony fans. To answer the prompt questions: - How did you get into G3? My parents bought me several for Christmas when I was little. Sadly, I grew out of them while G3 was still in its early years, so I missed the majority of that generation. But I'm getting back into it now after having rewatched all the cartoons and realizing that they're nowhere near as bad as the haters keep saying. - Who are your favorite G3 ponies? Thistle Whistle and Sunny Daze! Thistle Whistle is so adorable and quirky and I love her irritable little personality. And Sunny Daze is like a cooler version of G4 Rainbow Dash. - Do you collect G3 pony toys? If so, what's your collection like? I used to have a bunch when I was little but I sold them all at a yard sale years ago. I just started collecting them again but it's a slow process. They're my favorite generation to collect, though, because the toys are just so cute! My favorite piece of my collection right now is my Star Swirl toy. She's gorgeous! - Did you watch the shows or movies? Any favorites? Yes! My favorites are A Very Minty Christmas and Friends Are Never Far Away. But, honestly, I like all of them. The animation is so cute and pretty. - Overall, what do you like about G3? The huge variety in characters -- both designs and personalities. The animation was also so cute and beautiful. So many scenes that just left me speechless at how gorgeous they were; I never get that feel from watching Friendship is Magic. Also (and I know I'm biased here) I think G3 had the best toyline out of any generation. So much variety in poses, colors, detailed cutie marks, and so many characters!