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  1. I see something very wrong and you come here to just shit on a character I care about, and you didn't consider anything I said, your haphazard response and blatant ignoring of my example is infuriating and shows you don't care, and I can't stand it. I can't stand how Trixie was treated, thats why its so important.
  2. He brings retarded legal jargon to cartoon slapstick, you come here to shit in my thread and ignore all of my examples.
  3. Why the fuck should she have to pay for what two other able minded ponies did. She DID try improving herself, she DID try rebooting her career and fixing her problems. I'm not even going to read past this garbage you wrote in 5 seconds trying to win, its pathetic
  4. I'm not denying her flaws, you're just making her reality even more depressing.
  5. I'm telling you you're annoying, your input about Trixie is shallow, and you didn't address anything I said.
  6. This isn't the thread to just come here and shit on Trixie without reading or addressing anything I wrote down, go away.
  7. Trixie lost everything, was humiliated at a scale we would never have to face, lived for years with that while trying to reboot her career, proving she isn't revenge obsessed bully. Her magical purpose was laughed at. I'm pretty sure Trixie did get punished hard, while others like Glimmer do far worse and are immediately forgiven. What lesson does she need to learn at this point, how much do they need to flanderize and ignore the little good she had, how stupid do they need to make her so they can have specialmuffin starlight come in and fix everything before people here start getting mad
  8. Its not okay to drag your friends around morally or legally. You can't just drag people around because you have the ability to, and no, it was against their will. I never said you did...
  9. Being a good sport means not getting into someones face and belittling them at the start of their own show, that guy probably would have taught you a lesson had you done that. "AJ made a point of being so much better and used some rope tricks, Trixie used rope tricks on her and put her down a peg; RD got aggressive and used her flight to control the weather, Trixie used magic to control the weather and give her a shock (the same terrible shock, mind you, that Dash uses to "terrorize" innocent bystanders in Nightmare Night, so hush you with any claims she was assaulted); RY called out h
  10. She DID show she was better than them at what they brought forward. With magic. For her magic show.
  11. Did you go up on his stage and try outperforming him. Did you get into his face and belittle him.
  12. It's so annoying how you ignore Twilight assaulting her own friends with magic, how she recklessly endangered children and the town, gets forgiven with no consequences, how Dash was more than willing to assault her, and here you are complaining about Trixie when she defended her own show.
  13. If you're not going to read or blatantly disregard my arguments and everything I spent time writing out, someone else can deal with you. Already went through literally everything in your paragraph.
  14. Don't lecture me about life. This show lets terrible people get away with crimes all of the time while it punishes others for doing far less and continues to treat them without respect, I'm not turning a blind eye and I'm getting sick of your shallow responses.
  15. You think its moral to drag your friends around and brainwash them.
  16. Not only that but Trixie could have really zapped Dash but chose not to, she made a much bigger bolt against the ursa.
  17. >It doesn't count you guiez! Trixie didn't assault her any worse than what Twilight does on a daily basis dragging other ponies around, or how glimmer brainwashed her own friends and was immidiatly forgiven. You are completely oblivious to the flaws in this show.
  18. The world in this show is vastly unfair to the point where its absurd how much fortune and talent Twilight and Glimmer have, how much they get because of who they are, when they don't uphold the message of this show. Trixie nearly killed herself because the princess of friendship tried separating her from the one friend she had by bringing old, bad feelings back into this, and would rather have tea with Celestia than support Trixie trying to better her life while she was happy to forgive Glimmer for all the worse things she did. Twilight is supposed to be an example of this show. It
  19. Did you even read what I posted. "The episode was a mess. One of the earlier interviews with Thiesen on EqD, and I believe a reddit AMA, had him say that the original script / layout had to be hacked down and it stuck with him over how much overtime they had to do to make the episode make sense. In the end, they still messed up; they accelerated the initial reason for "conflict" so fast/poorly that they made 3 of the M6 look like petty hecklers and gave valid reasons for Trixie to act out on them. They were front row audience of a free show and were making a fuss about it from secon
  20. Also find it annoying how you ignored my examples of Trixie NOT being some one dimensional revenge obsessed bully.
  21. What about the time Twilight brainwashed children and suffered no consequences whatsoever? Assulting the town with magic agaisnt their will, or how glimmer brainwashed an entire town, burned through multiple timelines,and tried killing the mane cast in her little fit? What about how sunset threw away her perfect life and tried murdering the mane cast, was more evil than Trixie while she was under the influence of an evil artifact, and was immediately offered the path to friendship while Trixie is greeted with spite? Notice a pattern with these god awful characters and their blatantly unor
  22. It's the writers telling us she doesn't have real magic, thats why discord insulted her for that reason. They pair Trixie with another pony who is a million times more magical and gets support and forgiveness where Trixie was dragged through crap.
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