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  1. She was belittled in that episode for not having real magic and only illusions and stage effects.
  2. See every time I provide examples of Trixie doing real magic tricks, every time I point out Twilight and Starlight's absurd talent and fortune, its ignored. Twilight shouldn't have the magic of a thousand little ponies, and Trixie deserved better than to have her magical purpose ripped away and laughed at. Every time I point out the blatant double standards and mistreatment, the vast unfairness of it all, its ignored.
  3. No further depth? The fact that she lost her pride and dignity completely, but still had the strength to try rebooting her career. That she wasn't just some one dimensional revenge obsessed fool, and that she has a ton of potential in a show like this. The fans saw how wrongfully she was treated in comparison to Twilight's perfect life and became a big part of the show because of how popular she became. Trixie wasn't wrong, the show was. People fawn over Twilight and her copy characters Sunset and Starlight when they have about as much depth as a square.
  4. Imagine what humiliating thing Trixie will go through next. What will it take before the fans get angry, will they have to humiliate her in some disgusting and horrible way, while she needs to be saved by starlight in the end to teach some dumb lesson.
  5. The show is so utterly disrespectful to her, how dare they make her a flailing idiot that needs to be restrained by glimmer with magic, how dare they not give her one spell to her name and mock her for being useless and fake. How dare they drive her to suicide while Twilight sips tea with Celestia. I can't stand this it makes me so angry. Just smash Trixie with another cart lolololo I hate this show.
  6. This is a much better pic of Trixie before they flanderized her, and made her magic fake effects and card tricks.
  7. Yes you did. You implied they were all fake stage effects. This stupid fandom headcanon the writers adopted.
  8. Those were all flat out real spells, not stage effects, not illusions, they were REAL magic, Trixie does REAL magic tricks.
  9. This show isn’t about friendship and love unless you were the chosen one, like Twilight and glimmer. All glim had to do was put her head down in shame and everyone came to hug her. Where was that for Trixie, where was her love and redemption, and her happiness. Why does glimmer get away with all the horrible stuff shes done while Trixie had to wait years for just one friend. Trixie never used fake stage effects, she used real spells and the writers took that away to make her do lame card tricks now. Trixie lied about how powerful she was, not that her magic was fake. 1777369_
  10. The show did by stepping on a character I care about. Trixie nearly killed herself because the princess of friendship tried separating the two by bringing old, bad feelings back into this, and would rather have tea with Celestia than support Trixie trying to better her life while she was happy to forgive Glimmer for all the worse things she did. Twilight is supposed to be an example of this show. Compare the lives of Trixie to Twilight. Twilight was handed so many wonderful and beautiful things like a happy family, royal caretakers, wealth, a goddess pony to look over her, and there i
  11. Why does Trixie get stepped on after she lived through years of humiliation, why does glimmer get everything she never had on a silver platter. Why is Trixie treated with such disrespect by the writers, why did they flandeize her and take away the little bit of courage she had. Specialmuffin glimmer had to restrain her with magic because of how hysterical and stupid they made Trixie, and they didn't even give her one magic spell to her name. let’s go over Trixie's appearances and mentions: She’s a magician whose white lie during a show turns on her thanks to some idiot kids, los
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