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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I finally watched the MLP Movie. First of all, I really liked the new art style and this new way to animate ! It was really cool to see. The movie itself was good but not amazing, I mean, I liked the scenario but it wasn’t as original as I espected to for a movie. It was kinda common and that’s pretty disappointing for a movie, I think this scenario could be better in the serie but not for a movie. Maybe I’m rude but that’s my point of vue ! Though, the movie doesn’t have only negative points, songs for exemple ! A lot of songs omg and they were all super great ! there are new
  3. Ohh thank you Yeahh thanks to the french team ! I'm currently in Paris and the atmosphere is craaaaaazy here
  4. Yess ! This pony is so cute ! he looks like an Inkling !
  5. My favorite main pony is definitively Rainbow Dash, I've liked her when I saw her for the first time in the serie, especially for her rainbow color And I love her personality, I don't identify myselft with her, on the contrary I am the opposite of her and that's why I love her so much ! Fluttershy and Applejack are more like me ! My favorite secondary pony is Starlight Glimmer, she's a really interesting character in my mind, especially because she has a hard past, I love seeing her evolve through seasons :3 As non-pony characters, Zekora and Discord are my faaaaaavoriiites be
  6. Merci à toi ! The first sentence is correct without any mistake (gg Google trad ) Coucou ! Merci beaucoup Je m'attendais pas à trouver des français ici ! En effet la communauté anglophone m'a l'air bien plus accueillante que la commu française :3 Merci en tout cas I'm sure it will be fine haha don't worry Thank you § I'm not sure to understand well your question but I like airliners mostly ! Though, I love all planes in this world and I would like to become a flight attendant later I'm happy you like them too ! I don't find a lot of fan of pl
  7. Hey, thank you for the follow! :squee:

    1. Akemi


      You're welcome ! Thank you too !

  8. Akemi

    Visual Art non-pony gallery

    Backgrounds intimidate me as well, I tried and tried but feel like i'm not good at doing them though, I hope one day I'll have enough motivation to try again !
  9. Good luck to learn it ! It's a pretty difficult language to learn haha Hi Lord Valtasar, Thank you so much ! Ohh you like them both too ! I'm glad And thanks for the advice :3
  10. Ohh Thank you for my art and the spoiler mini tutorial !
  11. Akemi

    Visual Art non-pony gallery

    Your art is amazing ! I love the way you draw your backgrounds that's just beautiful **
  12. Thank you Sunset Rose !
  13. Thank you ! Ohh you're so kind haha thanks >w< Thank you Kevin ! This place seems very friendly yeah ! Ahh thank you ! I'm glad to hear this Thank you Senko Thank you ! Ohh I'm glad I'm not alone ! Hii ! Thank you Rikifive ! I'm really happy if my english is understandable >w< And yes I've a Deviantart account, but I don't know if I have the permission to link it there I will put only one because I don't know how to hide my messages (because my drawings are biiig) Hiii Thank you ! 3 languages
  14. Hi everyone ! I'm Akemi, a 18 years old girl who likes MLP, like you all ! As I say in the title I'm french, so I'm not an english native speaker. I hope it's fine, I will try to not make too much mistakes but I hope you'll forgive me if my english isn't perfect I'm a real fan of planes, orcas (they're my favorite animal) and I also like drawing a lot, but I never really tried to draw ponies and MLP stuff ^v^ I'm currently at the Season 8 episode 3 in the serie :3 What could I say more .... My favorites characters maybe ? Well the mains characters of the serie aren't
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