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  1. Good morning dear doleful sister. Or should I say - GOOD MOURNING! Mwahahahahaha The cackle from from Daybreaker was drowned out by a raging column of fire streaming directly for Nightmare Moon, and slammed HARD into a rainbow and gold barrer.
  2. Daybreaker

    Submit to the night!

    And I make three! Nightmare Night, we have more important things to focus on with Grogar. We are done with your tantrum. Spending so much time in the night has left you blind. I could beat you blindfolded myself, but you need to be humiliated. So, what happens when two Nightmare Ponies give another Alicorn their magic? Cat has little Miss Emo's tongue? This is what happens. Nightmare Hipster, might you be a doll and send these remaining ponies to the Moon for their safety? Luna, I want my magic back. * FLARE OF LIGHT EMANATES FROM DAYBREAKER
  3. Welcome to MLP Forums Daybreaker. :pinkie:

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