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  1. Sure, Discord, whatever you say...the 'Overthrew a Tyrannical Queen' squad is back together, again. Welcome, Thorax! This is a great idea, really - the changelings could really use a boost in notice from around Equestria, not everyone is fully aware of their newer, kinder nature, yet, even still. I'm sure they'll find a warm welcome, here. I concur, the Welcoming and Hospitable Trixie believes the changelings deserve a second chance, after all, they have a much better leadership situation, now, all thanks to us~ And on the topic of events, I know it's a little late in the afternoon already but, I don't see why we couldn't come up with something fun to celebrate today. Just give us a little bit and we'll come up with something!
  2. Welcome to MLP Forums Starlight Glimmer. :pinkie: