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  1. Trixie why in Celestia's name are you laughing? We missed a wide open opportunity to steal the ball. Try and stay focused.
  2. Sure, Discord, whatever you say...the 'Overthrew a Tyrannical Queen' squad is back together, again. Welcome, Thorax! This is a great idea, really - the changelings could really use a boost in notice from around Equestria, not everyone is fully aware of their newer, kinder nature, yet, even still. I'm sure they'll find a warm welcome, here. I concur, the Welcoming and Hospitable Trixie believes the changelings deserve a second chance, after all, they have a much better leadership situation, now, all thanks to us~ And on the topic of events, I know it's a little late in the afternoon already but, I don't see why we couldn't come up with something fun to celebrate today. Just give us a little bit and we'll come up with something!
  3. Starlight froze momentarily, her thoughts of the game disappearing as her body became trapped in an avalanche of emotions -- fear, rage, and shame. That face, her face in a distant memory, wore the anger she had once known well. She wondered if that is what she looked like when her anger toward Twilight had consumed her. Maybe, but there was something more here. Emotions are like water running over rock. Over time they will shape the face in ways unique and permanent. Looking at the former Changeling ruler in her own form, Starlight considered it it was possible that such strong negative emotions would show on any form she took. The lavender pony made a note to discuss this with Twilight and Thorax, but for now first things first ... This wasn't a game for Chrysalis. This was personal. Maybe even a little personal for Starlight. She once offered the Queen her hoof in friendship, and even now she hoped she could find some way to reach her. Regardless, this charade ends now, her friends and teammates were counting on her. Even now she knew they were watching Starlight, with concern and empathy. Time for game on! Mustering all of her will, Starlight's horn started to glow as she cast a spell to block Chrysalis ability to shape shift, a complicated spell of her own invention. Starlight allowed an expression of expectant and confident victory cross her face, before she let loose the blast of the spell.
  4. Trixie, be careful not to underestimate Marble. I learned that the Pie family is full of unpredictability. Stay focused. Also, you maaaay want to lose your cape. It might get in the way. @Spike your wings holding up fine?
  5. Welcome to MLP Forums Starlight Glimmer. :pinkie: