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  1. As expected, The Great and Powerful Trixie has come to save the day, prepare to be amazed and watch in awe as i present this badge that you can give to your fellow ponies. wait What? why isn't my Face on that badge? STARLIGHT? what's the meaning of this? i thought you said it's going to be the best badge to date
  2. It's a working title. BELOLD! The Great and Powerful Trixie has been given the greatest of duties she has done today. Yes yes even more wondrous than upstaging Princess Twilight with giving you your teacup back, though it is certainly close. You all may think that Alicorn Princesses are the greatest job in Equestria. They save the world time and again and keep us Ponies save, right? They do that, yes. BUT SO CAN US SHOW PONIES! Was it not Trixie , with some assistance from her friends, who saved Princess Twilight, the entire Royal Court, and Saviors of Equestria from the vile claws of Bug Queen? Me, a most humble show pony and master entertainer, saved all. So it gives the Great and Powerful Trixie pleasure to announce the first of several capable Show Ponies to take on the duties of planning and entertaining the ponies of this dimension. I present to you @Lord Valtasar as your first Event Coordinator. Of course he has exquisite taste in those who came before him, as he may well be my greatest fan. We show ponies have to stick together, even when the peanut butter crackers are in short supply. I have also taught him all he knows so I have no doubt that he shall be the second greatest and most powerfuler-est ... um ... EVENT MASTER west of Manehattan. Just reminid him that he should always ALWAYS remember who is his inspiration. Oh who am I kidding, I am sure he'll do amazing. Show Ponies are the best after all. CONGRATULATE THE GREAT AND POWERFUL LORD VALTASAR!
  3. Princess Starlight made Trixie apologize. And before the Great and Powerful Trixie is accused of stealing the spotlight ... again .... DISAPPEAR! \
  4. Okay okay Starlight stop pushing. Princess Twilight, I apologize for saying you couldn't teach magic as well as Starlight. I just think transfiguring teacups into dolls is .... boring. To make things better The Great and Powerful Trixie, mare of wondrous and sublime prestidigitation, will create your own teacup for your special day. TEACUP!!!!