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  1. We don't know much of how portal magic works, but my people have found one that links us to your world, and i would love to see your fine artists' work featured in one of our windows, for you see, we have not yet made one for each one of our element bearers, bringing you here might be too dangerous, but i have sent you the plans and dimentions for where it will be placed, and then our usual glassmakers can make it real in our world, so i think it's safe looking forward to seeing your designs (if you have no idea what's going on, it's an oposite-alternate-world) you can chose which character to make an oposite of, and what their Element will be, and then design a window for them in the blank one on the right, you have 3 months this time so there is no rush Once done, submit your entry HERE The usual forum SFW-Only rules still apply of course the winner will get the rank badge until the next art contest happens and another winner is announced, and all the participants will take this badge if they don't already have it, but most importantly, we'll all have fun drawing ponies together(or any other race if you chose to, go wild)
  2. All hail King Sombra!

  3. "Former Ruler"? More like "Forever Ruler", amIright? 

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      Gotta give him credit; from what Twilight and Spike explored in the S3 premiere, he has one fly evil lair.

  4. I have taking the liberty of reducing your leadership by one. Behold my power! You may now commence with the revelry of his defeat. Roast your fallen deer leader!
  5. I am sorry Radiant Hope. I have failed you

  6. Welcome to MLP Forums King Sombra. :pinkie:

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