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  1. Big Macintosh

    Art Contest - February

    uhmm... *gulp* everyone was busy with fighting evil in the world cup? Yup So they asked you to announce this contest? Yup Are you ready then? Nope one trait from each line all combined in one character? Superhero/ SupervilainBored/ ImpatientBat Pony/ Fruit-Vampire pony Yup and they send it here? (it may tell you there's an error, but your entry does get through, it's just the system trolling us all) Yup deadline is the end of the month as usual? eyup see? you did it, was it that hard? yup ... Nope alright everyone, you heard him, February's contest has started, and as always keep it safe for the foals, or you'll have to answer to Big Mac over here Eyup!
  2. Big Macintosh

    Annual Turkey Call

  3. Big Macintosh

    Annual Turkey Call

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