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  1. Princess Cadance

    Art Contest - October

    It is with great pride that I announce that we are to host the next Art Contest here in the Crystal Empire, as it's surrogate ruler i will present to our worthy champions the trials they'll have to go through to be part of it.they will have to pick one characteristic from each line and combine them all into a single character for their drawing, or any other form of visual art they may choose to first comes Ocupation - Wizard / Witch / Magician then their expression comes to question - Mischievous / Smug And last, but not least is their race - Kirin / Nirik / Human(equestria Girls) chose wisely my brave champions, for it may very well be what gives you the edge into this coming trial And now, for some of the rules - your entry must have a character combining all 3 traits( you can chose one of the two when seperated by slashes / )- it can be done in any media as long as it's visual art- it can be a new character or a pre-existing one(canon or not) you can tweek them to fit the traits - if you use bases, please state so, and link back to the artist that made them lastly i'll leave you with a warning, know that the Crystal empire takes pride in keeping a safe enviroment both for the participants and the observers, thus our two final rules - Art theft will not be tolerated, if you're caught submitting someone else's artwork, you will be banned from this, and all future Art contests - As always, keep it safe, and abide by the general rules of the forum, that means not gore, or explicit stuff You have until the end of October, so be sure to give it your best, there's plenty of time the winner will recieve a special badge-Rank until the next winner is announced the following month your submissions will be expected to be placed Here I wish you best of luck in this endeavor, make your region proud
  2. Mr. PathfinderCS, I received a letter requesting I use some magic on Starlight and Trixie. I was pointed in your direction. 


    1. PathfinderCS


      Wellll...I'm not saying you HAVE to, know... ;)

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Go one step further & make it a StarTrix wedding! :wub: