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  1. Oh I get it we gotta form a search PARTY!
  2. Dont worry Dashie Ill hold your place in line. Oh and if it helps I heard something about them needing to talk to or about event coodinationers?
  3. smile or do not, there is no try.. nevermind, i found some smiles laying around, here you go and of course the most excited one of all
  4. so today i was trotting through town and i... Wait! what's that? smells like smells like.. OOOH! i need to stash candy for nightmare night, who knows how much i'll need, a guessing game? pick me! Pick ME ! PICK ME! was it gummy? was it Cranky? was it?.. where was I? oh right, i was trotting and.. TODAY IS SMILE DAY. SO SMILE! and that's how i got my cutie mark, now do you want to hear about my day? i was trotting through town...
  5. Hey, everypony what is your favorite snack to eat with Episode a Day Marathon? Mines cupcakes, or is it pie, oooh oooh I know FROSTING!
  6. Thanks so much for joining me everypony. You made smile day funnarific. Plus you helped @Jedishy capture all my clones so I didn't have to watch paint dry again!!
  7. I got all your answers and handed out all my party cannon awards. Thanks so much for knowing all about me and making me smile!
  8. Oooh ooooh I just realized I KNOW all the answers. I’m going to get an A!!!!
  9. Don't forget to make Octavia smile by contributing to her hall Even I can be musical at times!
  10. Don't feel bad. Everypony has their own talents. Have a cake
  11. You too. Dont forget to help @Jedishy find my clones.
  12. Welcome the forums hope you enjoy Smile Day!
  13. All you need to do is click the new award button and type in the username and a message if you wish.
  14. I love Cupcakes.....just one of the many things that make me smile.
  15. Thanks Dashyoshi and WWolf. Remember keep sharing those smiles everypony